Friday, December 28, 2012

In The Crypt Of The Vampiress

I started this project just before the start date for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, so sadly it is not eligible. I've been looking for figures that would flesh out my Weird War Two project, and found some goodies sculpted by Reaper that will work nicely. I already have a Nazi SS vampire, who is bald and old and not a lot of fun, but what would be more fun than a young, beautiful lady vampire? Reaper's Crypt of the Vampiress set, a lovely piece of work by sculptor Bob Ridolfi, comes with some useful scenery, including a lovely two part sarcophagous (goodness, did I spell that right?), a candle stand, and a pile of loot.

It's exactly the sort of thing that intrepid Allied heroes should encounter while exploring the basement of some grim castle or chateau.

The treasure proves irresistible to Captain "Dicky" Byrd, S Commando's resident bon vivant.

Consternation when the crypt is opened and found to be empty. But Pte. Sam "Snuffy" Snape wonders, who placed that fresh rose on that unsullied satin pillow?

Suddenly our heroes are in trouble.

Padre Tristram Mercer steps forward.

So not a very serious contribution to the hobby, perhaps, but great fun to paint and a diversion from some more serious projects. The Reaper set brings back memories of all those Hammer films that scared me years ago and which now seem so wonderfully campy. Seeing as I've done some fluff pieces on my other Weird War characters, perhaps in my next post I'll offer a short bio of this dangerous lady.


  1. I say, vamptastic work there Padre :)

  2. Great stuff, Padre! You've done a great job! I really like the Reaper line of minis.

  3. Nice work, the Vamp looks great its good not to be too serious.

  4. Great work Mike, I have to admitt to be a little surprised about the thematic shosen (and the lady)considering your core professional area...

    1. Thanks Benito:
      I am a little surprised myself. But there is a padre involved, and a young lady who needs saving ( or at least requires a saving throw!).

  5. Hahah all brilliantly painted models and I do like the graphic novel-esque photos!

    1. Thanks Colonel! I doscovered the text bubbles while playing with Google Picasa's online tool Picnik this morning.mmit has several fun features for more light hearted subjects, and I like to think that my blog is fairly light hearted. :)

  6. Sam 'Snuffy' Snape stood only to gape/
    As Vampirella the Vamp appeared./
    Though knocking knees and blood like to freeze,/
    He wasn't really skeered./

    For Padre Tris' Mercer, that practised curser (sorry)/
    Stood forth with his Cross revealed;/
    He felt few alarms at the lady's charms/
    Protected by such a shield./

    'Back, fiend!' he cried, as in earnest he tried/
    To make her disappear./
    'Seriously?' she said, the lady in red:/
    'What have you to fear?'

    Captain 'Dicky' Byrd, the moment he heard/
    The question wondered anew./
    It appeared to him in this dungeon grim/
    Something seemed askew.

    In this unholy place, could such a face?
    Disguise the Father of Lies?/
    Could ruby lips and fulsome hips/
    Be really the Lord of the Flies?/

    'I fear that your booty will distract from our dooty,'/
    The diligent Byrd replied./
    'We do not have leisure to gather up treasure,/
    Nor from our purpose step aside.'/

    'Lay on no jinx, don't ask us for drinks;/
    'We will depart and leave you in peace./
    'It's not that we fear you or want not to be near you:/
    'It's just that you look like my niece!'

    1. Bravo sir! That may well be the reader comment of the year. Some sort of commendation is called for. More to follow.

    2. Every now and then the Muse strikes me, though the result is more often a limerick or clerihew.

    3. It was that incredulous 'Seriously?' that suggested it was time to rhyme...

  7. OK, I couldn't help from noticing in the last picture that the good Padre was staring forward, but not looking at her face. I think he might be failing his saving roll against her...mmm....charms, shall we say!

    Well done!


    1. Hee hee! Good point Joe. Looking at the pictures I realized that the Vampiress' basing is higher than everyone else's, but still, the good Padre's gaze is suspiciously south wards. Maybe he is trying to avoid her hypnotic gaze?

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  9. Excellent work here Mike! Lovely figures.


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