Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Got Blitzed

Three 15mm resin Opel Blitz German lorries from Gaming Models which I finished just before leaving for Hot Lead. Reasonably priced, fairly well detailed. My only complaint is that the resin had a lot of pitting in the canvas covering the top the back of the truck, but it doesn't show at a reasonable distance. I would buy more of their stuff. These three models will give my Normandy Germans some lift for a battery of 105s that I need to finish shortly.

I totally stole some weathering ideas from some work on the Guild WarGamers forum and tried some techniques with pitting and rust patches. For the rust I tried both a Tamiya weathering kit and then watered down GW Scorched Brown. Both techniques worked reasonably well. I also slathered some globs of brown latex FolkArt brown paint into the wheelwells to look like accumulated mud.


  1. Very nicely done especially the camo work!

  2. That are some very nice looking trucks Padre

  3. Thanks fellows. It was a nice opportunity to try out some weathering tips on some small models before I try them with something bigger, like that Tiger 1 sitting on the top of my hill of lead.


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