Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work in Progress: Dirty Gunners and Pretty Federals

As my last post mentions, all my painting of late is American Civil War. The following pictures show some of what's currently on the workbench, taken with my iphone.

Here are two pictures of Confederate artillerists from Sash and Sabre. I've always been curious about this supplier, which has an extensive ACW range, and decided to check them out. Their pack of ten gunners is nicely molded with some very distinctive faces and lots of cool facial hair. They are however dimunutive, on par with the ACW line of Foundry. They don't mix well with larger figures such as Redout and Renegade. My friend Matt the armoured officer looked at them and said "Dirty, dirty gunners", and the phrase kind of stuck in my head.

I also bought two Napoleon 12pd guns from Sash and Sabre and they are nice castings. A final word about S&S' customer service. They took a long time to ship my order and when it finally arrived they got it wrong, but they did work hard to fix it and let me keep the pack mistakenly shipped to me, which was impressive. I would probably order from them again, though preferably from a distributor.

I am also just finishing four bases of Federal infantry, which will become the second regiment in my Iron Brigade. I've had these guys for a while and they are a real mix.

The guys on the right are Old Glory from their Iron Brigade pack, and on the left are the Foundry infantry in Hardee hats.

The command team on the right here are Foundry, and on the left, the two in the foreground are from Redoubt - clunky figures but I like them. They should all look ok on the table.

I started collecting the Iron Brigade because they have a cool, early war look about them, before everyone got sensible and scruffy, and because I am generally good about avoiding elite units and am giving myself a bit of a reward. They will be a bit eastern and out of place on the Bluffsburg campaign, though.

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  1. So what? The iron Brigade and their Hardee hats are WAY COOL!
    I'm wondering about using them for VSF or something. I just love the hats.


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