Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cheeseheads! Introducing the 2nd Wisconsin

My painting work has been focusing on the American Civil War of late, and here's the Second Wisconsin, to swell the ranks of the Iron Brigade as represented already in my collection by the 9th Wisc. I love the formal look of these guys, which are a mix of 28m Foundry, Old Glory, and a few Redoubt thrown in, collected over the years. Flags are by GMB.

Foundry command group:

One of my favourite figures, Old Glory's screaming bald sergeant: "Don't come any closer or I'll hit you with this hat!"

Both Wisconsin regiments advance together, the 9th leading the 2nd.

I hope to get them into action soon. Many thanks for looking.



  1. Very nicely done. Loads of charm with the Old Glory miniatures.

    Do you only paint some of the eyes?

    Good luck with your unit in the next game.



  2. Thanks Helen. I don't always paint eyes because I don't do them well and the figures always look "stary". I try to limit it to figures with character and let the shading work for the rank and file. However I am working on a batch of Rebel gunners and giving them eyes, just to see how it turns out. Yes, the Old Glory figures are quirky and often the sculpts are oddly proportioned, but they often are charming.

  3. Excellent painting and great rather large pics too!!

  4. Thanks Ray. I noticed those pics were "rather large". Could be the way I'm uploading them to Imageshack? I'll have to check the settings.

  5. Excellent unit. Your blues turned out really well and I like the way you mixed different manufacturers. That bald sergeant is scary, I do not wish to fight him...Cheers, Michael

  6. Their guns look even heavier than our repops.


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