Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Audet's Church: The Aftermath

In his second Platoon Forward action, Audet succeeded at his task, capturing the terrain objective given to him, as well as two prisoners, and driving off several German units. A decisive victory.

Using the PF mechanism for Post Game events, we start with a Freeform Event, which is whatever the player wants to happen. Audet, being a brave but self-centred glory hound, wants to impress his Company Commander, Major Charpentier, and have him pass that word up to Battalion. Considering he won the last game and was impressive in it, leading the final assault on the church, that gives him a -2 modifier on a Likely result on the All Knowing Odds Table. A d10 is rolled, with an modified "0" result. Maj. Charpentier will be mentioning 18 Platoon's good work the next time he sees the Colonel.

The next step is the Fixed Events table, and an unmodified roll of 8 on 1d10 gives a result of "8", a Non-Player Character Result. A further roll on the Non Player Character Effect table gives an umodified "5" on 1d10, which means an NPC asks to Tag Along on the next mission. Who would that be? Since Audet did capture a church, perhaps he learned something from the Cure there that might be of interest to the Chauds' Padre? Or perhaps the Intelligence Officer or Major Charpentier wants to gain some further knowledge about the local area? Hmmm, I'll have to think about that.

Looking ahead to the next mission, Audet does not have any replacements yet so here is his lineup.

Next mission:

Germans attacking
Ambush scenario

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  1. Looking forward to it. Given the background (it's D+3 or so right?) perhaps 12th SS needs to make a local counterattack?

    Miss you mate. When are you going to get posted to Borden?


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