Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On the Workbench for September

Hopefully a few more projects will be done by Labour Day and the end of my leave period. They include:

My Britannia Miniatures project for the Guild. I've started painting some of the Russian WW2 infantry mentioned in my last post here. They are nice figures, though on the wee side compared to the other 20mm figures currently on my workbench.

Also in the same project is this Britannia Miniatures resin Red Army GAZ Radio/HQ truck, which will go with the Red Army command group shown here previously. I like the level of detailing, such as the stowage on the roof, and it's a lot easier to assemble a resin model than a pastic one.

Two 20mm / 1/72nd scale Armourfast WW2 British Cromwell tanks, which while plastic were also easy to assemble, given that the tracks and wheel bogeys are all cast in one piece.

Using the same colour palette for the Cromwells, I'm working on this 28mm Games Workshop Lehman Russ tank to go with my small collection of Imperial Guard figures. It will give that Ork Battlewagon pause for thought - assuming that Orks pause to think about these things. The white gauze bandage around the main gun is intended to be camo netting that will be painted. I am also planning to add some track sections to the turret and hull as extra armour, as Allied tankers did in WW2.

Same idea with the gauze bandage, to represent camo netting around the rifle of this Imperial Guard sniper, from the GW Imperial Guard command set.

Finally, some more chaps from the same IG command team.

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