Monday, September 18, 2023

New Ottoman Figures and Excellent Service From Warfare Miniatures USA

Pray ye, gentles, pardon this blurry picture of some ancient 28mm Ottomans in my collection, they were quickly painted back sometime in the 1990s and are a mixed lot of Janissaries and the lower row are Tufeckis.  I have no idea what make of figure they are or how I acquired them.  Judging from the primitive muskets they are meant to be 17th century.

I wanted to flesh out the fellows on the bottom into their own unit, and so while searching the internet for Ottoman figures and flags, I came across Warfare Miniatures USA, based out of Virginia.  They specialize in 17th / early 18th century figures.

These are some of the Warfare Miniatures Tufeckis compared to one of my old painted ones.  They compare well in size, though the new figures have longer muskets, which are sadly a bit bendy but otherwise the figures are decent.

And finally, here are the paper Ottoman flags that arrived in the same shipment, printed cleanly on heavy card stock.

Before I close, a word of appreciation for this vendor.   When my original shipment arrived via UPS while I was on holiday and then got returned after I missed the deadline for final pickup because I was out of the country, Clarence at Warfare Miniatures USA reshipped the order via US Postal Service and didn’t charge me for the second shipment,  A real gentleman, and I commend his customer service and products to your consideration.




  1. Nice to see the Ottomans getting some love again

  2. Liking the (re)new(ed) Ottomans and the additions from Warfare look very nice, interesting sculpts and bravo to them for providing superb customer service!

  3. Great stuff. Any idead how the scaling is versus other manufacturers (such as perrys, front rank, or offensive minis)? I'm looking for some ottomans but don't want the scale to be wildly out.

  4. Hello Dave: these figures are I think a little taller and thinner than say The Assault Group Ottomans of which I have just finished a unit. I’ll post some comparison pics here tomorrow. MP+


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