Monday, September 11, 2023

Game On The Table: Burma The Forgotten War

Hello friends:

Just a quick proof of life blog post to show that I’m here and still interested in wargames, just terribly short of time.

On the gaming table currently is a paper game, Burma 1943-44, The Forgotten War.   It’s a design by Mark Herman that shipped in the most recent C3i Magazine publication of Rodger McGowan which is essentially the GMT Games in-house magazine.

This is a strategic-level game that uses the same engine as Herman’s Empire of the Sun (2005) which covers all of WW2 in the Pacific.  I have EOS but thought that the Burma game would be a good way to learn the system, which is card-driven and focuses a turn on a series of possible military, political or economic events.   Cards can be played for specific effects as printed on the card (eg, the Japanese can use certain cards to make India more politically unstable for the British and cutting off key reinforcements and replacements needed to police the Raj instead of supporting the Burma offensive) or the like.

Or, cards can be played for their logistic and command and control values to allow certain units to act offensively, or to react defensively.   Thus, it’s not one of those games where every unit can do something during each turn.  It requires a lot of thought, and as it’s a card game, would doubtless be more fun as a two player game.

The puzzle for the Allies is to use their limited resources to punch a hole through the Japanese defences and push on Rangoon before the war ends.  The Japanese have a decent army and some air units, and can either play defensively or make their own attempts to reach India or knock the Chinese out of the game.

Not a simple game but it’s short (four turns) and halfway through my first try I’m enjoying it and feeling like I’m mastering the system.

Cheers and blessings to your die rolls,



  1. Good to see that you are still alive, Michael!

  2. An interesting game to play at such a strategic level, which I've not seen before. Not a theatre of ops that gets much attention, although I do have plans for something at some point in the future using BKCII rules.

  3. Another C3i winner! These compact, small footprint games are just ticket.

  4. Interesting looking game. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  5. Glad to see you post Mike. :)

    The game sounds fun and straight forward. Makes me remember the old Brit sitcom, "It ain't 'alf hot mum".

  6. Nice - years ago, I read General Slims autobiography Defeat into Victory - a great book! My mate Juian and I played quite a lot of Far East games using X Fire about ten years ago - I collected and played the Japanese!


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