Saturday, November 2, 2019

Picking Up Pickett


I’ve set up an American Civil War battle because I wanted to try the Pickett’s Charge rules from Too Fat Lardies|Reisswitz Press.  I’ve chosen the terrain randomly, using the Terrain cards included in the Longsreet/Sam Mustafa rules and assigning four Terrain Cards randomly per side. 

 Chosing a side randomly, the Confederates have to attack.  The key terrain feature is the ridge held by the Union (top right), so that is the Confederate objective.

 The Union are defending with one brigade of four regiments, all of average size and training, and one battery, and deployed first.  The Confederates enter the table wth five regiments, also average size and training, and one battery.   Pickett’s Charge is written for divisional or larger size battles, and the heart of the rules have to do with the management of brigades.  I’ll try that once I get the basic mechanics sorted.

 Confederate general Ginger Purrsival inspects his brigade.

 “I need more time and more men.   I could march to his flank, and get around him.   Then I could bat him around like a mouse and eat him."

How will the Confederates fare?  I hope to show you more soon.

Blessings to your dice rolls!


  1. Such a nice looking table....and cat!

  2. Great set up Padre. General Ginger Purrsival made me giggle, absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Lovely set up, scary cat!
    Best Iain

  4. Looking good Mike! The moggy looks pleased with himself.

  5. Gorgeous looking cat and of course the table!

  6. A fine 'Civil War-ish' looking set up, Michael. Methinks, though, that the CSA are not over-numerous to carry their objective! Perhaps Genl G. Purrsival CSA tends toward the more bellicose type of Confederate general - along the lines of John Bell Hood?

  7. PC is a good set of rules that can get a game done in 3 hours or so. The one problem that you will have in your test is that you'll miss some of the nuances of the AdCs. They operate at the brigade level. Also, the big morale effects are at the brigade level and it's truly horrifying to have a brigade falter early in the battle (and maybe fatal late in the game).

    The one thing to note is that you really need to soften up the opposing side before going in. Otherwise, it can be tough going and a less than 50-50 affair.

  8. Very nice setup Mike! The General really has conundrums for sure. Hope there were no cat-related casualties. :)

  9. Very nice looking table but that Tiger definitely looks a little out of period! But he’s sporting a very nice stripey camouflage scheme.


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