Saturday, November 30, 2019

Canadian Troops For The Rockies Ablaze

I’m ridiculously happy to have finished this project, a platoon of troops for my late 1930s Rockies Ablaze pulp project.   I bought these minis from Gorgon Studios this spring and just finished painting them and finishing the winter bases.   My project assumes that the forces of good will need to call upon the Dominion of Canada for support, so I needed troops in winter coats with an early WW2 look. These sculpts would be at home in a Norway 1940 setting, but they serve nicely for Canadian troops in the late 1930s.  They could either be Permanent Force troops from Canada’s minuscule regular army in the 1930s (perhaps from the 1st Air Service Battalion, assigned to HMCA Timber Wolf) or more likely militia troops, possibly the Calgary Highlanders called out from Currie Barracks, which is almost in the foothills of the southern Rockies.  

 First section led by a sergeant with a Thompson.  He and some of his troops are wearing grey wooden gloves, which seems sensible.  As my dad used to say about his time in the army, there are no prizes for being uncomfortable.

Second section led by a corporal (far right).  

The paints used are mostly Vallejo, with a bit of wash and some basic highlighting, Buff on Canvas for the webbing, German Cam Brown Violet on English Uniform, and Citadel flesh paints.

Third section led by a fearless subaltern, who actually seems to know where he’s going.

On patrol.

 I’ll save the rest for another post, as this is getting a bit photo heavy.   Thanks for looking and blessings to your brushes!




  1. Fine
    Poking troops Mike. Is there a fighting padre in the pipes?

    1. Thank you, Peter! Well, the Warlord padre in this post might qualify:

  2. These are looking great. I look forward to seeing more and perhaps a battle...

  3. It's all looking like quite an adventurous project! Looking forward to seeing the troops in action and how the narrative plays out. The figures look to be sufficiently full of character as (like Captain 'Dicky' Byrd and his lads) all to be named. Will they be?

  4. Exciting! I'm breathless for the next installment!

  5. Evocative snowy figures (and dual use for Norway, Iceland etc.)

  6. Just brilliant Padre, always feels good to finish a unit.

  7. Nice figures, excellent painting! Love the tree bases too.

  8. Lovely looking troops! Even if the subaltern doesn't know where he's going it's best to look like he does!
    Best Iain


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