Monday, November 7, 2016

Meanwhile, In Rohan - 4

My painting desk is still firmly planted in Middle Earth these days.   When I last posted, it was to show the growing host that Saruman the Wizard was assembling in Isengard, thanks to a score at the bring and buy, and also thanks to the first fruits of his recruiting among the Wild Men of Dunland.  Things looked pretty grim for the free folk of Rohan’s fair plains.

It may still be a dark time for the horse lords, but I was able to find them some last-minute reinforcements.  These six archers were hastily painted years ago, and are now properly repainted and based.  They are from GW’s plastic Warriors of Rohan set of figures.  The archers nocking and preparing to draw are a very nice pose.

I kept the fairly simple signature Rohirrim palette of greens and browns for these warriors.  Looking at them makes me wonder, should I give them the ability to form Shield Wall, if using the Dux B rules?  I would probably give it to Saruman’s Uruk Hai alone of all the forces of evil.

I went for a little variety  in colour for the cloaks.  I didn’t have much energy to try to clean the shields and try again, they are what they are.

The banner is from a coloured set once hosted on the GW website, but sadly gone now.   I gave it a gold trim as one of my so-called friends was mocking the poor job I did of glueing the two halves together evenly.  One day I will upgrade it -  I am much taken with this banner and shield transfer set from Gripping Beast/Little Big Man.  The moment it comes back into stock, I am sure I will order a couple, enough shield transfers to equip a box of the GB plastic Saxon thegns to flesh out my Rohirrim force.  I think they should blend in reasonably well.

Finally, my friend Bruce, one of the Barrie Old Guy Gamers (BOGG) picked up these painted GW Riders of Rohan at the same Bring and Buy, and then thought they might be better in my collection.   The style of painting is much more faded and weathered than are my fantasy figures, but I am delighted to take them into service.

Not counting these acquired Riders, the 13 foot figures can be added to my year to date totals.  Less than two months left to swell these numbers, let’s see what my brushes can manage.

Thanks for looking and blessings to your brushes!

These figures bring my 2016 totals to:

28mm:  Foot Figures: 102; Mounted Figures: 10; Buildings: 3; Terrain Features: 2

20mm:  Buildings: 1

6mm:  Mounted figures:  36;  Buildings:  2


  1. A fine body of men. Nothing wrong with drafting in additional trops from elsewhere.

  2. I like the look of these, and 'foreign draftees' give a bit of variety to your host. I tend to think of the Rohirrim as Vikings who ride horses (almost, but not quite, Normans). Their foot should be able to form a shield wall (I think that is what is meant by 'swine array'), and therefore have some sort of idea how to breach one. That would be my approach anyhow... :-D

  3. Splendid work Sir, you are really amassing a sizeable force Michael.

  4. Great looking Rohirrim you have there. A spectacular game is in the offing I think.

  5. All fine additions to your ever growing collection!!!

  6. Very nice figures and painting.... of all the LOTR races I think the Rohirrim are my favourite.

  7. Very good looking unit. The Rohirrim charge sends shivers down my spine every time I watch the scene in the LoTR 3 film

  8. Excellent reinforcements for the Pony Club boys :)

  9. Very nice indeed. And what a good chap your friend Bruce is to share his toys so nicely! Earned himself a beer I would think!

  10. Michael, you are firmly entrenched in Middle Earth for now. All very fine but I like the archers best of all. I see you breached the 100 foot figures in 28mm for the year. Congratulations!

  11. Good to see the reinforcements arrived, will they be enough though? They look the part and lucky you to have generous friends!
    Best Iain

  12. I really like the new additions. Some very nice looking minis to take it to the orc invaders!

  13. Lovely work and a harsh reminder that I should really crack on with my Rohirrim.


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