Friday, April 22, 2016

On Newstands Now! The Daily Dissembler, Fall 1904 Edition

Your latest copy of the Daily Dissembler, containing essential news of a fictitious Europe in flames, may be found here.  Followers of the game will note that we have a replacement English player, hence the cover story.

Thanks to the Turkish and Italian players for content, and to the inestimable Ion Dowman for his play by play analysis as Sir Erasmus Blatt.

The online DD contains a somewhat imprecise rendering of the Turkish player's journalistic efforts, the Ankara What.   Readers may find their own Turkish delight in a clearer view of that fine journal, here.


  1. Thank you Sir, looking forward to this with my elevenses.

  2. Wow things are hotting up Michael nice to see the turns rolling on.


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