Friday, February 26, 2016

Diplomacy Game: Spring 1902 (Turn 3) Results

I can vouch for the fact (because I pay the telegraph boys and lick the envelopes) that the cables and dispatches are flying between the European capitals after Turn 3 of our Diplomacy Game.  Here are the moves for S1902.

Note the first instance of international cooperation, as Austria’s Army in Serbia helps the Turks to take Rumania, destroying the Russian fleet there.  Germany plays it cautious this turn but plucks the low-hanging fruit of Denmark, while England’s situation worsens as, with Norway gone, she loses her only build thus far.    While France can feel confident in the north, the Italians marching into Marseilles must be an unpleasant shock.

Results for Spring, 1902 (Movement)

General Notices:

Order resolution completed on 26-Feb-2016 at 08:13:49 EST

Order Results:


 F adr Supports A alb -tri; A alb - tri;   A ser Supports A bul -rum;  A vie Holds


 F eng Supports F lon - nth  Support cut by Move from Brest. Dislodged from bre (2 against 1).

 F lon - nth;  F nwy - nwg;  A wal - lon


France: F bre - eng;  mao Supports F bre - eng;  A pic Holds; A por - spa


 F bel Holds;  A hol Holds; F kie -  den; A mun Supports A tyr; A tyr Holds


 F ion - tys;  A pie - mar;  A tun - naf;   A ven Holds


The Fleet in Rumania cannot retreat; unit destroyed.
A arm - sev; F rum Holds  Dislodged from bul (2 against 1). 

F stp/nc Supports F swe - nwy; F swe - nwy; A ukr Supports A arm - sev


Turkey: F ank Supports F sev - bla; A bul - rum;  A con - bul;  F sev - bla; A smy - arm


Here is the situation as of the Retreats Phase.   England’s fleet is driven out of the English Channel, and only has two retreats, the Irish Sea or Wales.   I await the English player’s decision.    Hard times at the Admiralty as the south coast now lie within range of French naval artillery.  


Expect the next turn this Sunday.   Subscribers to the Daily Dissembler may see an issue before then.   Your letters to the editor are encouraged.

Blessings to your intrigues!



  1. Well, it looks as though the good General was mistaken about or or two things, particularly about the inscrutable East. The raising of the Army in Smyrna has been made clear, and the military/political revealed - or at least some of them. That Turkey and Austria might have an accord that would lose Russia its foothold in the Balkans did cross his mind, but he was perhaps overhasty to dismiss it as not very likely. Turkey is shaping to be the Asiatic menace to Europe that it was in former centuries! Fascinating.

  2. Given the situation, messages flying across Europe is understandable!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry about that.
      Michael, can you share how you generate your great map displays? Especially enjoy seeing the unit movements, supports, etc..

    2. I use the Jdip Java-based freeware app tracking the game. At any phase you can export the map as a .JPEG. Once exported, I save it and upload it to imageshack.

  4. For those following the game, England's fleet in the EngC retreated to the Irish Sea.
    I hope to have Turn 4 (Fall 1902) results posted here sometime tomorrow (Feb 28) night.

  5. Fascinating. I foresee Turkey attacking Russia, Russia attacking England, France attacking England, Italy attacking France, Austria attacking Germany and Germany...

    Germany has become the biggest power and has lots of options. It is clearly in the hands of the diplomats.


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