Sunday, February 21, 2016

Diplomacy Game: 1901 Builds Complete

Hello Diplomacy Fans!

At the end of two turns, with most of neutral SCs pocketed and the some players already nibbling on one another, here are the builds at the end of 1901.

France, Germany, England and Austria are launching warships as fast as they can.   The Royal Navy will need some the help of some agile diplomacy if it is going to fend off all the menaces it faces, while the Balkan situation is too complex to predict.


Results for Fall, 1901 (Adjustment)

General Notices:
Order resolution completed on 21-Feb-2016 at 09:09:48 EST

Order Results:


Austria: Builds A vie


England: Builds F lon



France: Builds F bre


Germany: Builds F kie

Germany: Builds A mun


Italy: Builds A ven


Russia: Builds F stp/nc


Turkey: Builds F ank

Turkey: Builds A smy


  1. Michael -
    Would you prefer General Sir Erasmus Blatt's commentary to appear in the comments section, or emailed as an attached WORD file? I tried both after the Fall moves, and both times hit an unfortunate keyboard button and scotched the lot. Looking at the builds, I find then very interesting and I my forecasts were occasionally mistaken, so it might have been just as well a submarine torpedoed the bottom in which my despatches were travelling...

    1. My dear Ion:
      Please tell the General that the Daily Dissembler will happily receive his dispatches sent directly to me. I am also directed by the Editor to say that the General's fee has been increased and will be paid, as per his directions, bi-monthly into a Swiss bank account under the name of "Mr. Green".

  2. Just looking at the situation, I reckon there will be some hard diploming going on among a number of states. Considering the loss of Sevastopol, Russia is in a surprisingly strong bargaining position against anyone. England, France, and possibly Austria will have some very fast talking to do! My, my...

    1. I have to agree. Those fleet builds are very interesting. The loss of Sevastopol should just be temporary, the real thing being settled in the Balkans which is really a four way contest at present. Germany has done very well to make a clean sweep of the Low Countries. Exciting stuff!

    2. Everyone wants to be a naval power! Is England giving up on Scandinavia?


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