Monday, October 13, 2014

Diplomacy Game: Spring 1903 Results

Some interesting developments occurred in the fifth turn of our Diplomacy game.

Russia’s position has taken a turn for the worse as Turkey has turned its cannons north.   The Russian Army in Rumania has been forced out by three Turkish units and has to retreat north to Ukraine (or be disbanded - Russian player’s choice but the retreat seems a no-brainer.  

Germany’s enigmatic foreign policy has contributed to Russia’s setbacks as the German army in Bohemia tips the balance in giving Italy the keys to Vienna.   England’s second army now makes its appearance on the continent.   France and Italy continue to advance their interests in the south of Europe.    

More analysis coming in the next Daily Dissembler.

Results for Spring, 1903 (Movement)
General Notices:
Order resolution completed on 13-Oct-2014 at 08:11:07 EDT

Order Results:

Austria: The Army in Vienna cannot retreat; unit destroyed.

No order for unit at Vienna. Hold order assigned.  Austria:
A vie Holds  Dislodged from tyr (3 against 1). 


England:  England: A den Holds   England: F hel Supports A den  England: A lon -nwy

Convoy path taken: lon- nth- nwy. 
England: F nth Convoys A lon - nwy  England: F ska Supports A lon -nwy


France: A bel Holds  France: A bur Holds  France: F hol Holds  

France: F mar - lyo  France: A par - pic;  France: A por - spa


Germany: A boh Supports A tyr -vie;  Germany: A kie - ber;

Germany: A sil - gal;  Failed because Russia: A gal - vie failed. 


Italy: A tri Supports A tyr - vie;  Italy: F tun -tys;  Italy: A tus -pie;

Italy: A tyr -vie;  Italy: A ven -tyr


Russia: A bud Supports A gal - vie; Russia: A gal -vie Failed. 

Russia: A mos -war; Failed because Russia: A war -sil failed. 

Russia: A rum Holds; Dislodged from bul (3 against 1).  A Gal has only one retreat option, to Ukr.

Russia: F sev Holds; Russia: F swe - bal;  

Russia: A war -sil  Failed because Germany: A sil - gal failed. 


Turkey: F aeg - con; Turkey: A ank - arm;  

Turkey: F bla  Supports A bul - rum; Turkey: A bul -rum;

Turkey: F gre Holds; Turkey: A ser Supports A bul - rum



  1. I am following this in broad terms rather than fine detail, but it is a splendid thing, no question. In particular, my compliments on the Daily Dissembler, which is one of the very best productions of its type I have seen anywhere in the World of Blogs. I have felt a little too overawed to comment thus far - feeble applause from the wings is only a distraction for men of war, after all - but I am enjoying this very much.

    Cheers - Tony

  2. Thank you Tony. So pleased that you are enjoying the Dissembler. It's a bit of madness, but it's worth it to know that people are getting something about it.


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