Friday, April 4, 2014

Russians And Their Real Estate

First, if you haven’t heard about the contest in my last post, check it out here.

Before embarking on term papers this week, I managed to finish my first sprue of Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Soviets in Summer Uniform, a platoon’s worth.

I used a rapid painting technique that I learned of on The Guild.   I used my airbrush to spry the lot in Vallejo  RAL 7028 German Dark Yellow Surface Primer, then painted the pants in Vallejo Russian Uniform, the helmets in VJ Russian Green, and when the other bits were done, gave the lot a quick brush with Army Painter Soft Tone.

The bases are from 4Ground, the same size as Battlefront medium bases, so they’ll fit in with my BF figures.  Seeing as the bases were a lovely green, I didn’t want to texture and cover the whole lot, I just gave them a bit of flocking.  I quite like the prone LMG team with the No. 2 man ready to swap out the magazine.  When the whole box is assembled, I’ll have at least one SMG platoon with the rifle platoons.

Command stand., with an intrepid female nurse.  There is a nurse with each of the five sprues in the box, so I’m not sure my company will need five female nurses - that’s a lot of intrepid nurses.  I don’t think I positioned the officer’s arm properly.


And of course they need a part of the rodina to defend.  Three 4Ground buildings - their 15S-EAW-111 Pre-Painted Eastern European Log Timber Houses with Lean-tos.  

These went together quite well, once I got a few things figured out, and didn’t require any cutting.  The parts came off the sprues with a gentle touch, and fit together easily with just a little white glue.  I haven’t assembled any 4Ground kits before, and would quite happily invest in more of their products.

The roofs lift off quite easily and the buildings can hold several stands of infantry.

So now the Russians have something to fight for.  I only have four more sprues of these little blighters to put together, and then a punch up with James Manto’s early war Germans will be just what the doctor ordered.


These figures bring my 2014 totals to:

28mm Mounted: 10

28mm Foot: 22

28mm Artillery: 1

15mm Vehicles: 4

15mm Foot: 26

15mm Buildings: 3

6mm Buildings/Terrain Pieces: 2

Kilometres Run:  344

Blessings to your brushes!



  1. Those are very nice. I use a very similar technique on my own Soviets.

    I like the 4ground buildings too. They look better than the 20mm ones of theirs I've seen (which also struck me as a little pricey).



  2. Great work, for mass-painting they look brilliant. Close-up camera shots are normally very unforgiving but they do your painting justice here.

  3. A very effective way to paint these up indeed

  4. Now they're jolly nice Sir, I thinking I might need an airbrush too!

  5. Excellent looking troops and buildings! 4ground has some fantastic buildings I want so many!

  6. Bring it Padre! My Panzer IIs are locked and loaded!

  7. Sweet looking stands and buildings Mike. Not too heavy, not too light, just right!

    Great work all around.

  8. Those look great. Well done sir.

  9. Looking great. Especially like the basing.


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