Monday, April 21, 2014

Caption Contest Entries

So it’s Easter Monday and the captions are in.  I am still bashing away at my last grad paper for this term, so I haven’t had time to do any judging or drawing or anything clever like that.  However, you can enjoy all the clever entries.   More to follow.   MP+




%$&#! armchair generals!”  - Jonathan Frietag

“Does it look like snow” - Francis Lee

“… and the last rule to be educed in this treatise on the art of war is never to allow yourself to be distracted by such things as dictating a treatise on the art of war in the midst of a bat ….   Mon Dieu!  Merde!  The Old Guard et recule!  Merde!  Mon Dieu! - Tamsin P

“I don’t know about these Russian Winters - I’ve seen Spring in Ontario!” - Edwin King

“Bloody typical!  We burn the city while the generals sit on their arse.”  - Lasgunpacker

“Oh yeah!  We have to travel in coach with a $20 per day per diem but he gets first class and the good wine list.  Life is just so fair.”  - Chris Stoesen  (hmm - did you mean “unfair”, Chris? - MP)

“Someone in the crowd to someone else in the crowd:  “He prefers painted 28mm to us scribbly chaps you know.” - Pete Garnham

“I can’t believe we’re waiting around for his bleedin’ Lordship to order his breakfast again!!!” - Ray Rousell

“You think he could’ve picked a better time to meet with his analyst.  At some point he has to stop compensating for little man issues.” - Peter Douglas

“There’s that madman again, always asking Boney how many buttons are on his sleeves or what colours our jackets are for his book, claiming it’ll be worth a fortune in 200 years.” - CJR
“See the bloody world, he said, all I have done is walk and now he is sitting down.  I bet he will say, 'An Army marches on its stomach’,  look he flipping did, that’s it I am off to find Wellington.” - Panzer Kaput
“Today’s quote .. What about ‘A true man hates everyone?”  No?  Won’t look good in the history books?  That’s stupid!  It’s what I feel, I tell you.  What do you think I’m doing here?!  Not proper, ha!  As if you could make it better.  Stupod biographer …”  - Joakim Strom
“These after-battle team photo shoots are a real drag, don’t you reckon?”  - Archduke Piccolo
“What time does he get here to get a seat in the front row?”  - Dave Docherty
“That went well, you know we should invade Russia next.” -  Baconfat
“He’s checking the rules - if we don’t get the bonus for moving in column, we could be here all week.”  - Conrad Kinch
“You have to get here early for a good seat.” - Anonymous
“Look here Corporal, I know I said 28mm …” - Andrew Myatt


“We are ALWAYS cleaning up after the men!” - Jonathan Freitag

“I shall say this only once … drop the pistol and your hat!”  - Francis Lee

“Hey, Boche!  How come you get to stand with your feet at a comfortable angle?” - Tamsin P

“Don’t you think we’re over-dressed for this wargaming lark?” - Edwin King

“What do you mean that you will not salute der Fuhrer?  And after all he has done for France.” - Lasgunpacker

“Excuse me miss!  Do you know how to unjam a submachine gun”  - Chris Stoesen

Frog to Kraut:  “Take that, Sausage Muncher!” - Pete Garnham

“Duz my bum look bikg in zis?” - Ray Rousell

“Stop - I am arresting you for fashion crimes.  Zhose boots are so 1939!” - Peter Douglas

“You half von sis time, fraulein.”  “No soup for you!” - CJR

“What wrong don’t you think my outfit works? Do you?”  - Panzer Kaput

“What do you mean, ‘Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once?’?”  - Joakim Strom

“Nice going: there’ll be no finding much of that duck, now!”  - Archduke Piccolo

For Mrs. Fritz the war is over. - Dave Docherty

“If you say, ‘Whoever smelt it first, dealt it', one more time ..”  - Baconfat

“Liebchen, brown shoes with that hat?” - Conrad Kinch

“Resistance is futile.” - Anonymous
“To be honest Helga … it does look big in that.” - Andrew Myatt
Hands up, unless you want me to give you a different set of wings. - Byron Michenfelder


“I asked if you wanted a head on your beer NOT a beer for your head!” - Jonathan Frietag

“Look at the head on this Fraulein!”  - Francis Lee

“Mein Herr!   When I said this beer needed a head, this was not what I meant!” - Tamsin P

“What do you mean that Peckinpah is [the Analogue Hobbies Challenge theme for] 2014?  I’ve just brought you the Head of Alfredo Garcia!” - Edwin King

“Oooh, you wanted me to cut the head of FOAM off …. well now I am embarrassed.”  - Lasgunpacker

“O, Daughter of Herodias, I bring you the head of John the Baptist … Ummm, Mr. Aronofsky, are you sure these are period costumes?”  - Chris Stoesen

Babe to SamuraiL “Funny, I’m normally the one giving head.” - Pete Garnham

“Congratulations!  You’ve done what 83 Burmese couldn’t do … you killed John Rambo!” - Ray Rousell

“Stop - I am arresting you for fashion crimes.  Zhose boots are so 1939!” - Peter Douglas

“I always prefer my beer with a head!” - Peter Douglas

“You samurai always take things too far.” - CJR

“I don’t know I wash’t looking at his face.” - Panzer Kaput

“When I said, ‘Losing its head’, I was talking about the beer, you idiot … “   - Joakim Strom

“That’s not the head I was looking for.”  - The Beastie

“Look at the head on that!” - Michael Awdry

“How about another cold one for my pal Hideoshi, here?” - Archduke Piccolo

Do you want a head on your beer? - Dave Docherty

“Better make that a pitcher.” - Baconfat

Otaro began to realize that he had entirely misinterpreted Ilsa’s desire for a beautiful foamy head.  - Conrad Kinch

“Sake for me, my friend would like something with a little more body.” - Anonymous

“Thanks, but there is already enough head on my beer.” - Dux Homunculorm

“Well, for your information Genzis, mare’s milk doesn’t have a head on it!” - Andrew Myatt

“Sorry, Tetsu, cash only.”  - Donald Cameron


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