Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Big Step Forward

Hello all! There's been precious little blogging this month, and very little gaming, but a lot of painting. Alas, the painting was all house-related - walls, baseboards, steps, fences, etc. As readers may remember, the army is posting me this summer, and since Madame Padre and I opted to buy our own house rather than rent a PMQ when we were first posted here, we now have to sell our house. Several weeks ago I received the posting message which allowed me to engage the relocation people and get our house listed to sell. That meant a flurry of work trying to get the final jobs done - new carpets, study baseboards, various painting projects -- and there is still a list of jobs that need to be done. But, on Monday, we got to this point, with a For Sale sign on the lawn.

The market here is a little slow at present, and older, character homes like ours require the right buyer, so we are hoping that the right buyer comes along soon. In the meantime, we are trying to keep the place clean and tidy for showing, but there are some things I'm not putting away, like the wargames table. Who knows, maybe the right buyer is a wargamer, and the sight of a wargames room will be the final touch that convinces them to buy our house?

Our goal is to be packed and moved in late July, and the house sold by 1 August, so I have a little time to enjoy my toys. I am trying not to think about having to pack them.


  1. It's a lovely home, Mike, and I'm sure a buyer will come along soon. Exciting times ahead for you!

  2. Mike, I so feel your pain! When people ask me why I remained in Texas after I retired from the army I told them (truthfully) I was sick of all the moves!

    Well here's hoping that this one goes smoothly for you and the Mrs. It is indeed a very nice home that I'm sure pains you to leave.

    Again All My Best Wishes!


  3. Good luck with the move Padre, and with finding the right buyer quickly :)

  4. Good luck with the move! It can be wrenching but a new home is full of possiblity and reasons for hope.

  5. Mike

    Good luck on the sale and move. And I agree with Curt - it does look like a very nice house.


  6. Best of luck in the move. Looking forward to seeing you at WLU some time. I'm told (and I'm not sure I hold to it) that your house will see quicker if you turn St. Joseph's statue on his head.

  7. It's a nice house- I hope it sells soon for you.



  8. Best of luck with the move and that really is a lovely house.


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