Sunday, July 12, 2009

Work in Progress - GW Imperial Guard 2

Taken in bright late afternoon sunlight.

Since my last post, I've mostly completed the painting on these fellows and assembled the arms and weapons. As a friend of mine asked after seeing the last pictures, why didn't I assemble the models and then just paint the bits that show? Good point, seeing as when you glue on the arms, and given the bulkiness of the Guard weaponry, not much of the chests show. So, as you can see below es got glued before they got spray-primed, sparing me the hassle of repainting the areas where the glue (I'm using Testor's plastic model glue) is visible after assembly.

I'm reasonably happy with the camo pattern on the tunics, seen here on the vox operator, though I'm hoping the shininess will dull down with the dullcote finish.

Another view of the camo pattern, which as I mentioned was inspired by the WW2 English Denison style.

View of the backs of the figures, showing the paint scheme for the webbing, which is the same colour (Vallejo Khaki) as used for the tunic, only washed with a GW brown wash.

I still have to flock the bases, apply the tac decals to the shoulder pieces, and apply some black wash to dull down the GW Boltgun Metal on the weapons, but this first platoon is nearly done and itching to face down some Orks.

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