Thursday, October 1, 2020

It's Fat Bear Night!



I’m always on the lockout for whimsical figures for my pulp gaming project set in the Canadian Rockies, including animals.   Hikers in the Rockies know all about bears, and what could be more dangerously Canadian than a bear?    I found this fellow on the Northstar Minis website, a Frostrgrave model, I think, and he looked the part.   Why he is up and angry in the middle of winter?   I’d be cross too if someone woke me from hibernation!


Once I noticed it in this photos, I wasn’t happy with the yellow blobs of glue left around the winter tufts by my white carpenter’s glue, so I went back with some white pain and cleaned them up.  Sometimes it takes a camera to see things.

If you think the winter bear is a chonk, meet his resin friend from Thistle and Rose miniatures, their B01 Were Bear model.  He is HUGE by comparison.  He has a forst/grass base because he will be a possible option for my Elven Woodland Forest army for Dragon Rampant, a single base model.


Serious chonk!  I like a bear with a big butt and I cannot lie.   That paw could take out an orc shield wall in one fell sweep, and then open up a pot of hunnee.

 Finally, if you like big bears, I encourage you to check out Fat Bear Week, a bracket contest featuring actual brown bears in an American wilderness park in Alaska. 


  1. Glad you are bearing up to all that painting! What about a Sasquatch next?

  2. Whoa! That's a BIG bear! Nice painting though!

    What's wrong with yellow snow btw? Maybe he broke a honey pot or ..well there are other possibilities.....

    Meanwhile, I'm trying not to sing under my breath:
    "A bear there was, a bear, a bear,
    All black and brown and covered in hair"

  3. Great job on both!
    Beorn is definitely a Greater Warbeast!
    But he's fast smart and good defensively too. Maybe Elite cavalry w/ discipline?

  4. You really must stop ursine around, Padre!

    Nice bears! :)

  5. Oh grandma, what big teeth you have—I know, mixing my ursines and lupines, but couldn't resist! D@mned impressive beasts both.
    Regards, James


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