Tuesday, December 17, 2019

B17 and all the Trimmings

In another totally gratuitous, non-wargaming use of my time, I made some model kits to amuse myself.    This 1/72 scale B17-F sits behind my desk at work, and was made in my office during my lunch hours over the past few months.     The model is by Academy, a Korean-based company, and the service vehicles are from an Airfix USAAF bomber resupply kit.  I purchased both kits from a store in Toronto, Wheels and Wings, on Danforth Ave.   It’s a great store for plastic model fans.   I painted the B-17 in the iconic aluminum and red paint scheme rather than the more ubiquitous olive-green, though both are good looks.  There is something quite American about the silver bomber, a curious mix of arrogance and naivety.

Autocar tractor and fuel trailer.

 Chevrolet bomb service truck and bomb trailer.

 Cushman package car, perhaps delivering thermoses of coffee and tomato soup before take off?

Like I said, no wargaming value that I can see in these models, but I greatly enjoyed putting them together and they make a nice display grouping.  Also a bit of a tribute to those brave men who got into these planes day after day to go bomb the Reich.

Cheers and thanks for looking.  Blessings to your models.



  1. Well, the B17 was developed in the 30's, is that too late to suspend a prototype in the air over the rockies?

    But, its a great looking set of models and there is nothing wrong to have something just for display or that matter just for the enjoyment of the making it.

    Of course if I made an attempt on another model it would have to be just to frustrate and annoy myself.

  2. Need a better pic of the nose art.
    Next you need to get the Airfix ground crew set!

  3. Nice work Padre. I also have a couple of model kits lurking with little or no conceivable wargames use, but sometimes it is very satisfying to complete something with your hands.

  4. I made one of these when I was a lad. Bravest modelling project of it's time for 12-year-old me. :)
    Really nice little diorama mate. Good stuff!

  5. Lovely looking B17,nice work!
    Best Iain


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