Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Surprise Stuka

Hello all.
Another highly irregular post, just to say hello, really and to acknowledge a lovely piece of kindness.   Recently a box arrived in the post, all the way from California, and inside was this lovely painted 15mm Flames of War Stuka

It was a gift from Dai, the gamer who runs the blog The Lost, the Damned and the Stunted, which I greatly enjoy.   In one of my fitful posts here, talking about my efforts to field an early WW2 Germany army for the Eastern Front, I was lamenting how the Germans fare against the Soviet KV1.   What you need, Dai said to me, is some air support, and I just have a Stuka that is surplus to requirements. So he very kindly painted it, boxed it, and sent it all the way from California to Canada as a gift.   And it is a nice little kit, done up at least as well if not better than I could have managed.

Thank you, my friend, for your lovely and thoughtful gift.   As young Kinch has said, the Freemasonry of our hobby is a wonderful thing, and it makes me feel fortunate to have found this community.
I am hopeful too that this gift might nudge me out of a months long painting and minis gaming slump.   Some of you who follow me on Twitter (@madpadre1) know the reasons why, and I’ll leave it at that for now.  I wish I was visiting your blogs as they deserve, and I thank you of you are reading this post.
Anyway, thanks Dai, you’re a good chap, and I hope to get this fellow into the air soon to clear the road to Moscow.


  1. That is a thoughtful and useful gift from Dai! Now, off to visit Dai's blog which is new to me.

  2. What an excellent gift which I look forward to seeing in action soon I hope.

  3. A surprise Stuka is always welcome, provided that you're not the target :)

  4. What a splendid gift from a thoroughly decent chap.

  5. What a wonderfully kind gift - Bravo to you Dai !

  6. Very handy! In my view aircraft in this scale go better with 1:76 scale soldiery than do 1:72 scale aircraft. So the gift scores on versatility as well!

  7. Lovely and thoughtful gift.

    I don't "do" twitter but have noticed your online absence and sent mental well wishes.

  8. Nice looking Stuka. IMHO the arrival of Stukas should always be a surprise!
    Cheers, Peter

  9. :)

    Hope it fares better in your games than my aircraft ever have.

    Glad it got there safely.

  10. Nice stuka, lovely present.
    Best Iain

  11. I've found Stukas very useful against Char Bs and KVs.
    I can help you with a suitable base too.
    Thoughts and my sinners prayers as always are yours and Kay's.


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