Monday, May 1, 2017

Some Captains Of Mordor

It’s been quiet here, with little painting done of late, but here are four Games Workshop figures from their Lord of the Rings line a Mordor orc command team.  The figures are fine case resin, which I suspect are now done on a print on demand basis as orders come in.  The figures are generally good, with a little flash, but the banner bearer’s sword is quite wavy and to quote Blackadder, looks a bit like an Oriental disembowelling hook.

The banner is totally coped from one done (better than mine) by my friend James.

I’ve been toying with some modified command rules for Mordor for Dragon Rampant, which I need to revisit.   These fellows will play a role in getting otherwise inert and quarrelsome lumps of orcs going anywhere.  Also, the fellow on the right is described as being an Orc Shaman, or a chaplain, which I find kind of creepy, that the orcs have their own padres.

Blessings to your brushes!

These figures bring my 2017 totals to:

15mm: Vehicles: 3, Foot Figures: 4, Scenic Pieces: 7

20mm: Foot figures: 18

28mm:  Foot Figures: 86;  Mounted Figures: 11; Terrain Pieces: 17


  1. They are a fearsome group Michael, bravo Sir.

  2. Fearsome indeed! I look forward to hearing about your dragon rampant command rules.

  3. That lovely looking chap on the left seems familiar? Sure I saw him this morning in the mirror brushing his teeth????

  4. Very nice work on these orc captains Padre :)

  5. Nice to see you cranking out some more orcs!
    Best Iain

  6. Freehand on the banner is very nice Mike!

    These will make some good additions to the horde and I'll be very interested to read what you came up with on the leadership rules for them in Dragon Rampant.

  7. Great work Padre! love to see hand painted flags.

  8. Bravo Zulu on the banner Mike! Circles are bloody hard to do freehand on a textured surface like that cast banner (that's why I like paper myself) and you pulled it off. Well done you.

  9. Wonderful and fierce looking figures!


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