Friday, February 24, 2017

Home Away From Rome: Secret Santa Obligations Finally Fulfilled

I am grateful to Cath Willey and to my Santa recipient, Chris Stoesen, for giving me extra time to  fulfil my Santa obligations after Kay got sick before Christmas and my spare time vanished.

Chris’ wish list included a camp scene from Baudea for his Romans.  Baudea make some lovely kit, quite detailed little resin models that were easy to pain.   These items finally on the way to Chris, I hope they will bring some rest and hot grub for his tired legionnaires.   15mm ancients aren’t really my thing, but if they were, I would invest in this kit.




These figures bring my 2017 totals to:

15mm: Vehicles: 3, Foot Figures: 4, Scenic Pieces: 7

20mm: Foot figures: 18

28mm:  Foot Figures: 31;  Mounted Figures: 2


  1. Very nicely done, I am sure they will be very gratefully received.

  2. This would be an excellent gift to receive. Well done!

  3. Looks great. Can't wait to see them.

  4. These look great! Got to love a camp scene and you've done this one very nicely.
    Best Iain

  5. Great work Michael! They make a great gift.

  6. Not the first time I've seen high camp on your blog squire.

  7. I really like this a lot. Well done Michael. The smoke coming out of the pot makes me smile.

  8. It's scenes like that which add lots of character to games. Some really nice work mate.


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