Friday, December 2, 2016

Secret Santa Sadness

It is with much regret that I announce a total failure to fulfil my Santa duties as part of the two Secret Santa projects I entered into back before Mdme Padre fell ill and life got crazy.
If there is someone out there who was waiting for me to announce my wish list, it is substantially the same as the one I posted last year.  For the persons I owe gifts to, I promise to get them ordered this weekend and will communicate with you as to an ETA in January.   So sorry about this.
In better news, Madame is improving and may be home early next week, in time to supervise Christmas decorations and to reimpose order upon our cats, who have gotten totally out of hand.


  1. I am certain all concerned will fully understand and am pleased to hear Madame is improving.
    p.s re the cats is it a bit of a catastrophe?

  2. Anyone who required that apology is a pillock. You have nothing to apologise for mate.

    Real life trumps online and hobby stuff everytime.

    Lovely to hear the good Madame is getting better!

  3. Understandable of course and I'm sure your giftees will be quite happy to receive their gifts late.

    Mind you, if you do manage to get the gifts to them by 7th January you could claim to have been operating on the Julian calendar ;)

    Glad to hear Mme Padre is recovering well :)

  4. What the others said; Mme Padre takes precedence. Glad she is feeling a bit better

  5. You mean Luigi has been entirely unsupervised?

  6. Focus on the important things in life, which you don't need me to tell you is your wife. Everything else will be forgiven.

  7. There are more important things in life than Secret Santa gifts, and you seem to have grasped that :-) Priorities seem absolutely right.
    Good to hear that your better half is feeling better. Give her a hug from me :-)

  8. Your priorities are perfect and nobody would wish otherwise.
    Good luck to the cat herder!

  9. I hope all is moving forward as we would all wish. God bless!


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