Thursday, August 25, 2016

Two Weird War Scientists (Mad Or Otherwise)

These two 28mm figures are part of my slowly expanding but yet to be used Weird War Two collection.  The Nazi chap is a Pulp Figures mini from Bob Murch, and the carrot-top civvie is by Artizan.

The sinister fellow in the lab coat is Herr Dokktor Bruno Jaegermeister, head of research for the sinister, occult dominated portion of the SS that specializes in sinister, occult matters.   Perhaps he helps the SS Vampyrs to animate corpses, or he works with the Wulffentruppen on breeding better monsters - he'll be useful in either capacity.   Almost certainly he had a dodgy academic transcript but then denounced his supervisor as a cosmopolitan Jew, stole his research notes, and then made a name for himself promoting the superiority of Aryan genes.   In other words, a total cad.   He will be a high value target for S Commando.

The fellow in the nice cardigan is Dr. Hamish Montfort McGonnigle, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Science and Professor of Science at the University of Edinburgh, who is now the head of research for Project Alice, Britain's secret line of defence against the darkest forces stirring in the Reich.   He's smart, cantankerous, and a hardheaded believer in good science, empiricism and skepticism.   He may find himself forced to accept the existence of some strange things before it's all over.

Dr. Jagermeister has a bit of a secret base starting to come together.   I've assembled one of the two MDF quonset huts I got from Sarissa.  I am thinking of painting it in Germany yellow (dunkelgelb) with a camo pattern, as presumably a secret base needs to be hidden from the air.  To the right is a Sarissa MDF searchlight and generator, which could also be used as a death ray projector, I suppose.   Behind that are some resin crates from 6 Squared, since a secret base needs some sinister shipments to secretly stockpile (see what I did there?).

I have some 1/48 scale vehicles for the Nazi secret base thanks to my chum James, and some more Sarissa scenery to add to it.  A backkburner project, but it's slowly coming together.

These figures bring my 2016 totals to:
28mm:  Foot Figures: 56; Mounted Figures: 5; Buildings: 2; Terrain Features: 4

6mm:  Mounted figures:  36;  Buildings:  2


  1. I feel reassured seeing Dr. Hamish in his trusty cardigan, a perfect foil for the immaculate Nazi.

  2. Great figures and background stories Padre! :)

    "Perhaps he helps the SS Vampyrs to animate corpses" - presumably using a special mixture of 56 herbs in 35% alcohol ;)

  3. They both look the part! That searchlight is a great piece too: hadn't seen it before this. I'm sure it could be an interesting element in a scenario too: trying to avoid it and sneak about in a prison escape, or a night raid on some diabolical Nazi research facility.

  4. Very nice.
    I agree. The buildings on a secret Nazi base should be heavily camouflaged.

  5. Really like the patterns painted on that cardigan! Good stuff Mike - the scientist is a model I will have to look up. Why? Because there were rumblings amongst my rpg pals that a Wierd War 2 game might be required! You're lovely minis are inspiring me sir.

  6. Really nice Nissan hut and your weird ww2 figures are oddly fascinating, I like the back story .
    Best Iain

  7. Nazi officer in a white dinner jacket; what's not to like?


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