Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Turnipograd Rises

In yesterday’s post on a Russian front battle there were some 15mm buildings featured.   Almost of them are from the Northern Russian Village set published by Paper Terrain.  As I’ve said here before, I am a fan of Paper Terrain.  This company provides a cheap and cheerful way to get decent looking terrain on the table in quantity.

I’ve gotten pretty good at assembling this stuff.    All you need is a good pair of scissors, a sharp knife for scoring the folds, glue (I prefer white carpenter’s glue, slightly diluted) and patience.   I can assemble one of these sheets in an hour while keeping one eye on Netflix, and that’s allowing time for the glue to dry between stages.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve been on a basing blitz of late.   I have all but one of the buildings assembled in the PT Village set, but only five based so far. The bases show off the buildings well and allow me to use the nice little fences that come with each building.  Here is Turnipograd in happier times. 

And a sad dystopian vision of what will happen should Turnipograd ever fall into the bloodstained hands of the fascist invader.  The ruined versions of the buildings are quite useful.  Sadly, for the 4Ground models, I would have to purchase the ruined versions, which for now is an expense too far.

Of course a Mad Padre model village has to have a church.


Presumably this church has been repurposed by the Party as a granary or something.   Scott W includes a gold-painted wooden knob for the onion dome, which is a nice touch.  There is also a proper Orthodox cross to put on the top of the dome, though I don’t think such a cross would be approved of by Comrade Stalin.

A street view in Turnipograd.


A tidy little farm on a busy (Battlefront resin) road.  Judging from those tank tracks leading right up to the window, it looks like someone applied the brakes just in time.


That’s a 4Ground laser-cut MDF Russian house mixed with a Paper Terrain outbuilding, fence and woodpile.   They work well together, I think.

I’m thinking this is either a school or a party headquarters?  Or possibly a community hall where the Junior Pioneers can stage their children’s pageant, “Comrade Stalin’s Glorious Fiver Year Plan for Increased Agricultural Production”?

Defenders of Turnipograd.  These buildings work well with my 15mm models.


They also work well with 20mm models, or at least, with 1/76 scale.  These fascist invaders will soon be crushed by the Red Army, don’t worry.

So that’s the lot.  All now boxed and packed away - movers come in a week!  Very little time left for wargaming projects.  Hopefully Turnipograd will see some use in the fall or whenever I cross swords with the dastardly Kampfgruppe Manto.


These figures bring my 2015 totals to:

28mm:  Foot Figures: 19; Mounted Figures: 10

20mm:  Vehicles: 1; Artillery: 1 

15mm: Armour/Vehicles: 5; 15mm Scenic Pieces: 5

6mm:  Scenic pieces:  7

Kilometres Run: 252


  1. Never tried a paper building but yours turned out great! Will they be durable enough for the rigors of gaming?

  2. I like the buildings and I find paper ones to be just fine. Oh, I've heard that the church is a working one and it's Holy Redeemer Orthodox Church with it's pastor, Archpriest Ivan Goshalmiity.

  3. Some really nice buildings there Michael!

  4. Lovely work. Basing them makes all the difference. I have a bunch of the Southern Russian buildings and never got them looking so nice.

  5. Thanks chaps. I wasn't really fishing for compliments. I needed to blog this so I can get credit for the completed work in the VisLardica painting/building competition. Bit thanks. :)
    Jonathan, the buildings are reasonably sturdy, especially with the ruined inserts, which stiffen the structure somewhat. The bases are partly for scenic effect, but also to protect them from excessive handling on the table.

  6. Those really are nice buildings and they work well alongside the mdf and resin terrain.

  7. Very nicely done. They look very effective on the table as well.

  8. A really nice looking village Padre- the ruined versions are a great touch. Makes the set up more flexible for gaming by a long margin.



  9. Blimey!! I'd never have guessed they were paper buildings!!! Excellent work!

  10. Neat. I must finish the paper buildings I have.

  11. First time I've been impressed by paper buildings. They do indeed fit in well with the 4Ground house.

    Good luck with the move Mike!

  12. They look pretty good considering they are paper. What a great product.

  13. Top notch efforts here Mike. I have a couple of these around somewhere as well. Useful stuff.


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