Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book Review: A British Army Doctor's War as Retold by His Grandson


Just a quick plug of a book review I just put on my other blog (aka the God Blog) of a fantastic book about a British Army Medical Officer and his experiences (1914-1915).  Fans of the Great War, of the British Army, of the BEF, and of medical and social history will enjoy this book.



  1. That sounds rather good, I'll have to add it to the ever growing wish list.

  2. I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! I follow over 400 Wargaming Blogs so picking a shortlist of just 11 was really difficult, congratulations. You can see my post listing all my nominations (including this blog) here : http://www.blmablog.com/2014/05/ive-been-liebstered.html

  3. Hello Padre been a long time reader first time poster on your blog. Love your blog, loved reading the games you posted thank you for sharing, I come back to your blog often. It's not easy finding fellow WW2 wargamers in Montreal so I play mostly solo as opponents are few and far between. On a side note, from one of your photos It looks like your in Canadian army camo.


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