Sunday, February 8, 2009

Work in Progress - 25mm ACW Rebel Infantry

These chaps have been kicking around my collection for several years. Started them, did a rubbish job, laid them down in disgust, moved twice, and now I've got a major jones on for the ACW again and I'm getting them finished ASAP. Most of them are Redoubt, which makes a yummy ACW line, and a few, the tall thin guys with the packs, are Old Glory. The Redoubt figures are in various skirmish postures. They'll look great behind the stone wall sections I have coming from Hovels in the UK, via the Michigan Toy Soldier store.

Personally I find painting rebs a pain. I can't just paint them grey. I've spent too many years in ACW reenacting to do that. There is too much variety in uniform, various shades of grey and brown (the famous butternut) plus some captured Union gear plus civilian shirts, blankets, hats, etc. It does slow down the job of painting, but the work is more interesting, I suppose.

You'll have to click on each photo to see the complete image.

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