Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From My Workbench: Late World War Two Canadians

These figures are larger than the last lot I posted - these are 20mm, or in modeling terms, between 1/76 to 1/72 scale. You click on any of the photos to see a larger image.

Platoon of Canadian infantry from 3rd Can Division (indicated by the light blue shoulder patch). These are plastic figures, manufactured by Revell:

Another view of the same lot. The officer on the single base in the middle is a metal figure, sculpted and cast by AB Miniatures in the UK, who make detailed and accurate figures in true 1/76 scale:

Infantry advance up a road. The three figures in the foreground are Raventhorpe (available through the nice and helpful people at RLBPS), another UK maker of metal figures. Not sure I like them - they are larger than most other ranges in this scale, and they lack a lot of raised detail, but they don't look bad when the paint up, somehow. I've mixed some dark green with Vallejo English Uniform to try and capture the more distinctive green Canadian pattern battledress:

Raventhorpe officer with binos and a signaller with a radio backpack - I've based them together to represent a FOO (Forward Observation Officer) who goes forward with the infantry and spots the fall of shots from friendly artillery. Always a useful asset to have on the tabletop:

Finally, the company OC (officer commanding) gives orders to one of his platoon leaders, while the OC's signaller stands nearby keeping in touch with battalion. The two officers are AB - no idea who made the signaller:

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