Friday, November 21, 2014

A Sweet Pulp Ride

Two posts in one day!   Here’s the other project I got off the workbench this week. the Tamiya 1/48 scale Citroën Traction 11CV I bought for my Weird War Two project.   I haven’t made a model in this scale for quite a while, and I haven’t put together a civilian car since I don’t know when.   It was a fairly simple model to assemble, with very clean parts.
Somewhere on a rural road in France, an unlikely pair meet.   Who summoned whom to this rendezvous?   Who is betraying whom?  I realize there’s a difference between 1/48 and 1/52 scale but the vehicle seems to work with the Bob Murch figures.

Once again I tried some pigment, thinking a muddy, hard-used look would be better than a nice clean vehicle straight from the car wash.

I love the grille on the front.   Maybe I should have dirtied it up a bit.

 More mud.   Too much mud?   Not enough?   I never know.   

Now, if I could only find one of these in 20mm.

These figures bring my 2014 totals to:
28mm Mounted: 13, 28mm Foot: 55, 28mm Artillery: 2; 28mm Terrain Pieces: 9; 28mm Vehicles: 1
20mm Foot: 33, 20mm Artillery: 2, 20mm Vehicles: 2, 20mm Terrain Pieces: 2
15mm Vehicles: 5, 15mm Foot: 26, 15mm Terrain Pieces: 3
6mm Foot:  120, 6mm vehicles: 4, 6mm Terrain Pieces: 2
Kilometres Run: 1,041


  1. Great work on the auto model, Michael! I like what you did to represent mud.

  2. Nice looking car, looks like lousy weather, spring mud? I've been using 1/48 Corgis with my 40mm figures, never thought of looking at car kits. so thanks for that.

    There are all sorts of interesting and useful 25mm vehicles and 'stuff'at Reviresco and John McEwan is a real gentleman and grognard.

  3. I have that same car and I agree - it's a great little model. Nice work on the mud. I didn't have the courage to do that.

  4. Very well done Padre! Looks like the car got a hard beating over some rural roads. Maybe some more mud on the tires though?

  5. I've got to say that looks rather splendid especially the mud splatters - good fit too with the miniatures.

  6. Very nice. And I have good news re the 20mm version:

  7. I was lazy, I bought the finished version. To my defense your honor, it was less than USD7 difference and a lot of time saving. May I stop feeling guilty after seeing a nice paint work like this? On the other side, I don't want to weather it at all...

  8. Nice work - needs a butterfly or two plastered on the grill. ;)

  9. Thanks to all for your encouragement. Cedric, you don't have to feel guilty. Motieri's suggestion is a good one, I need to dirty the tires a bit too. Next tine I get the pigment out, I'll attack them.
    Thanks for the suggestions on the other sites.


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