Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Followers and a Lincoln Movie

It’s Friday and several weeks since I did a Friday Followers post, and in that time, the number of people publicly following Mad Padre Wargames has risen to 143.   Hurrah!

The newest followers include:

Jonathan Frietag, a gamer from Spokane, Washington, runs Palouse Wargaming Journal, a blog that currently features some great Napoleonics figures.   Jonathan has quite a few periods of interest, and is a clever man with a brush.  He’s currently looking for ideas for a wargaming campaign.

Captain LOL is from Belgium and is an artist, which is not a word I use lightly.   He does large scale work, and does flesh tones like a master.   His blogs, Figurine Passion, and Comix, Horror and Movies fill me with awe and just a little bit of healthy envy.

Bruno Lorang has a lifelong interest in plastic models and describes himself as”a model maniac, the personal staff of my cats and embedded in a wonderful family” which sounds like a very nice life.  His blog is beautifully presented and is well worth a visit.

Cedric Mauvielle does World War Two … with zombies, and if that catches your attention (it caught mine), visit his blog, Lost Wargamer in HK.  Based in Hong Kong, Cedric is a great storyteller, whose posts are set in an alt WW2 where Europe seems infested with zeds and a few heroes are left trying (and not always managing) to survive.  I like his sense of imagination.

Tradgardmastre is from the UK and is a chap after my own heart, a gentle sort who loves gardens, his family, and has an alter-ego who presides over a whimsical 18th century Imagination called The Duchy of Tradgardland, one of my favourite places to visit in the wargaming blogosphere.   

Welcome to you all, gentlemen, and thank you for your interest in my blog.

Speaking of blogging, I noticed that the page view count for this blog is climbing steadily towards 95,000 hits.   That means I shall have to start thinking of some sort of contest.  

A brief film review.  While I was finishing this post I was watching the recent film Killing Lincoln, which follows Lincoln’s last days as interlaced with those of his killer, John Wilkes Booth, and narrated by Tom Hanks.  Billy Campbell did a capable if not convincing job as Lincoln (hard to compare to Daniel Day Lewis in the Spielberg film).  Civil War fans will find some great visuals here.  The CGI of Lincoln’s visit to captured Richmond, and a brief look at Washington Navy Yard with some intriguing but too briefly glimpsed warships, were nice bonuses.   Having watched this, I fear that I have little choice now but to watch Lincoln, Vampire Killer, which is currently a NetFlix option.  Isn’t there also a Lincoln, Zombie Killer movie out there as well?

Blessings to your brushes and dice rolls!



  1. thanks for the kind words, and for following me too!

  2. thanks for the kind words, and for following me too!

  3. Of course, Abe Lincoln his the secret identity of Cal El, who was despatched to this planet by his parents from Krypton. J W. Booth had to mould his bullets from kryptonite material in order for his assassination attempt to succeed.


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