Saturday, April 2, 2016

Diplomacy Game: Spring 1904 Results Are In

Results for the Spring 1904 Turn (Turn 7) of our PBB Diplomacy Game are now in.

Austrian and Turkish troops movements indicate a high degree of trust between the two powers, while Italy appears to be taking a prudent stance as the Turks move into the neighbourhood.   Russia’s fortunes continue to ebb, and more German troops arrive in a quiescent England.  France continues to fight on, though once again Marseilles changes hands.

The Daily Dissembler is tracking all this mayhem. and there are rumours that Miss Amelia Roosevelt has taken the Orient Express to seek an audience with the Sultan.


Results for Spring, 1904 (Movement)
General Notices:
Order resolution completed on 01-Apr-2016 at 16:34:29 EDT
Order Results:

 A gal Supports A sil - war;  F gre - alb; A ser - bud; A sil - war; A vie Holds

No order for unit at London. Hold order assigned.

No order for unit at Mid-Atlantic Ocean. Hold order assigned.

No order for unit at Portugal. Hold order assigned.

A  lon Holds; 

 F mao Holds  Dislodged from wes (2 against 1). 

 England: F por Holds

 F eng Supports F wes -mao; 

A mar - gas Bounced with spa (1 against 1). Dislodged from pie (2 against 1). 

F wes - mao

A ber Holds; A edi - lvp; F hel - den; A hol - yor

Convoy path taken: hop - nth - yor. 
A kie - ruh;  A mun Holds;  F nth  Convoys A hol - yor

F lyo Supports A pie - mar; A pie - mar; 

A spa - gas Bounced with mar (1 against 1). 

A tun HoldsI; F tys - nap

F nwg - cly; A stp Supports A ukr - mos;
 A ukr - mos; Bounced with mos (2 against 2). 

A war - gal Bounced with gal (1 against 1). Dislodged from sil (2 against 1). 


F aeg - ion; A bul - rum; A con - bul; F ion - tys;  

A mos Supports A sil - war Support cut by Move from Ukraine. 

 F rum -  bla; A sev Supports A mos

We are now in the Retreats Phase.  The following units must retreat:

English F MAO must retreat.  Possible retreats: NAO, IRI, BRE, NAF (still waiting to hear where the English will retreat to)
French A MAR must retreat.  Possible retreats:  BUR  (French retreat to BUR)
Russian A WAR must retreat.  Possible retreats:  PRU, LIV (Russians retreat to LIV)


  1. Hi Michael,
    Just a quick note to say how much I have been enjoying your Diplomacy posts, especially the "media" articles. I haven't played since high school;I have a shirt around here inscribed "Diplomacy - destroying friendships since 1957."
    I've always thought it would make a great, simple campaign basis for minis battles. Pick a historical/fantasy/sci-fi epoch, everyone assembles their army and fleet in the chosen genre and scales (assuming a different scale for naval) (and if you got enough people involved, you could have some players supplying armies and others fleets), then disregard the standard Diplomacy conflict-resolution rules and resolve them with miniature battles. Since supports would now involve actual forces on the table, you would need a turn or casualty limit to give the defender some chance to hold the table when outnumbered and perhaps a slight advantage when attacked one-on-one, when they bounce the attacker if not forced to retreat. And you might need to force the the attacker to bring on a portion of their supporting forces as reinforcements during the game -- especially if not adjacent to the attacking force being supported but only to a common defender. Keep the orders, movement, retreat, production and supply rules the same. That's pretty low overhead for a campaign system.
    Thanks and Regards,

  2. This is a wild one! Who heads the Diplomatic Corps for England? It may be too late for wholesale cashiering of the lot.


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