Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Diplomacy Game: S1905 Turn Results

Spring 1905 was a time of frustration for some of the contestants, as collisions and stalemates frustrated their plans.  

Most notable was a collision of Austrian and Turkish armies in Livonia,   As far as we can tell, this was an accident between two allies, but by the time this friendly fire incident at a corps level was diffused, neither side owned Livonia and the way appeared clear for Germany to claim St. Petersburg in the fall.

German and Italian armies clashed in Burgundy in their race to retrieve the spoils of France.   While Italy claimed the city of light, this clash with the German colossus comes at a terrible time for embattled Italy.   Even though Italian warships pushed back the Turkish navy and the legions of Rome marched back into Tunis, the entry of the Austrian army into Venice threatens to undo the triumphs of the Resurgimento and of Garibaldi.   In her hour of peril, Italy can scarce afford to alienate Germany.

Meanwhile, in a sad and pointless battle, the British fleet was bottled up in Brest by a zombie French fleet in the English Channel, all that remains of France’s martial glory.  France is now in civil disorder and there are now only five active players:  England, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Austria.

Moves and mao follow:

Results for Spring, 1905 (Movement)
 General Notices:
Order resolution completed on 01-May-2016 at 13:10:42 EDT
Order Results:
Austria: F adr - apu; A bud - tri;  A gal - war Failed because Austria: A war - lvn failed. 

] A tri - ven; A vie - tyr;  A war - lvn  Bounced with mos (1 against 1). 

England: F bre - eng Bounced with eng (1 against 1). 

 A lon Holds;  F por - mao

No order for unit at English Channel. Hold order assigned.
 F eng Holds

No order for unit at Silesia. Hold order assigned.

 A bel - pic; F ber - bal; A edi - yor;
 A kie - ruh; A lvp - wal; \

A mun -bu  Bounced with mar (1 against 1). 

F nwy - bar; A sil Holds;  F swe - fin

A gas - parI; A mar -bur Bounced with mun (1 against 1). 

 F nap - ion;  A naf - tun; F tys  Supports F nap - ion

 No order for unit at St. Petersburg. Hold order assigned.Russia: 
        A stp Holds

A bul - gre; F con - aeg; F ion - tys Bounced with tys (1 against 1). Dislodged from nap (2  against 1). 

A mos - lvm Bounced with war (1 against 1). 

A rum - bul; A sev - mos Failed because Turkey: A mos -  lvn failed. 

F smy - was; F tun - wes     

The Turkish player chose to retreat his fleet from the Ionian Sea to the Adriatic.  The map below shows the dispositions at the start of the F1905 turn.



  1. Germany looks quite strong and, perhaps, may be difficult to stop from victory. Aided by passive neighbors, his row to hoe has surfaced few rocks or weeds.

    As for an Austro-Turkish alliance, the collision over Livonia may have been more than a friendly fire incident. Turkey's occupation of Greece and the stationing of a fleet in the Adriatic may suggest something entirely different is simmering. If Turkey had sights on Italy, Austria's quick descent upon the Peninsula may have squashed those ambitions.

    Very interesting!

  2. Hard to say what the relations are, but I wouldn't mind betting that the thing will devolve into an Austro-Turkish alliance against and Italo-German one. England is twitching yet, but Turkey and Italy have the resources to see it off. The Lithuania incident could mean anything from an attempted back-stab by one or the other (unlikely) to a 'friendly fire' accident, or even a deliberate ruse concocted by both sides (also not hugely likely, but not implausible, neither).

    I reckon Sir Erasmus might have to sharpen his pen again...


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