Sunday, September 6, 2015

Perry Brothers ACW Artillery

There’s probably a limit to the number of 28mm artillery models one can reasonably put onto a table.  I now have at least a battery per side, but with these Perry Bros models, I can go beyond that.  Three guns and limbers (though no horses) per kit is not a bad deal.

Pulling the lanyard - a split second before the gun goes BOOM.

I only did one sprue’s worth of artillerists.  While the Perrys have provided enough poses for a gun crew loading and firing, I rather mixed up these fellows.   I hope by the time I’m finished I’ll have a coherent Union and Confederate gun crew.  The eccentric lighting of my games room doesn’t show their faces as well as I’d like.


I did one limber open for firing, and the other closed for movement.  If I feel like splashing out later, I could get some of the Perrys’ metal limber teams and riders.  For now I have some nags I can use as a limber team, though I don’t have any riders.

Since plastic cannon aren’t that expensive, I thought about glueing the gun and limber together.  


But then I decided just to glue the limber on the base and keep the cannon unglued.  I can pop it on its own base when needed.



“Hey, Fred, how come we’re not going anywhere?”  I found these two RAFM limber riders in a box of sad and forgotten figures from bygone years.  




These figures bring my 2015 totals to:

28mm:  Foot Figures: 24; Mounted Figures: 10, Artillery: 2, Vehicles: 2

20mm:  Vehicles: 1; Artillery: 1 

15mm: Armour/Vehicles: 5; 15mm Scenic Pieces: 5

6mm:  Scenic pieces:  7

Kilometres Run: 361


  1. But its nice to have more options. Col. Von Daniken hopes to someday upgrade from 6 pdr Napoleon's to Armstrong rifles.

    1. It would be nice to catch up with Col. Von Daniken again. I have some ideas.

  2. The RAFM limbers are nice too. I converted some to RHA for my Colonial stuff. Ammo caisson too.

  3. Great painting on some good figures....well done Padre.

  4. Come off it, Padre! How can there 'be a limit' to the stuff you can have on the table. Wasn't it the American General Sherman, or somebody similar, who stated 'get there the fastest with the mostest'? (apologies to the English language). Just you put up what you like and we'll all enjoy it like this lovely gear.

    1. It was Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Wizard of the Saddle, but not a great master of grammar. Perhaps it was embellished later on. But thank you. :)

  5. Great work on these Michael! You can never have too many!

  6. Lovely work Michael and surely you can never have enough artillery? ;)

  7. Thank you all. From your comments, it would seem that God is on the side of the big battalions ... and batteries. :)

  8. Smother those Union boys in 12 pound shot. The more guns spitting it out, the better I say! :)

    Lovely looking battery Mike and the limbers look really good too.


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