Thursday, February 11, 2016

Diplomacy Game 2016: Spring 1901 Results

Some interesting opening moves.   Russia moves south and Germany moves west, indicating some degree of trust between the two.   Likewise, Austria and Italy appear to have an understanding allowing them to pursue other goals, particularly carving up the Balkans.  France may have to look over her shoulder at that English army.

I am hoping that the Daily Dissembler can locate Sir Erasmus Blatt for more in depth analysis.  

Results for Spring, 1901 (Movement)

General Notices:

No retreating units; retreat phase skipped.Order resolution
completed on 11-Feb-2016 at 05:26:31 EST

Order Results:

Austria:  A bud -ser ;  F tri -adr; A vie - bud

England:  F edi - nwg; A lvp - wal; F lon - eng

France: F bre -mao; A mar - spa; A par -pic

Germany: A ber -kie; F kie - hol;  A mun Holds

Italy: F nap -ion; A rom - nap; A ven - tus

Russia: A mos -sev;  F sev - rum;  F stp/sc - gt; bot; A war -ukr

Turkey: F ank -bla; A con -bul; A smy - con




  1. The game is afoot! The participants seem to have made good use of the delayed start...

    The Balkans look like playing up to their reputation as the Cockpit of Europe.

  2. Great, a chance to play armchair general. I predict France+2, England+1, Germany+2.
    Then it gets interesting: Italy+1, Russia+2.
    And then very interesting: Austria+1 and Turkey+1

    This analysis leaves Greece neutral, all other neutrals taken and all home countries in initial hands...

    I thought that Belgium, or perhaps the wonderfully named "Low Countries", was the Cockpit of Europe. But it is the Balkans that is most unpredictable in my analysis.

    Wonderful! I will really enjoy watching this game develop. Good luck to all players and thanks Michael for hosting and allowing us all to see how it unfolds.

  3. It will be interesting to read what Sir Erasmus makes of this. Some countries seem to be prepared to jump in more than one direction...

  4. Sir Erasmus Blatt, of Politico-Military correspondent of the Rioters News Agency writes:

    As predicted, though perhaps later than forecast, the 'lamps of Europe' have been extinuished as the Great Powers manoeuvre for advantage. No great battles yet, but the Neutral Powers are gradually being overrun. Expect 'developments' in the Balkans, as the three Eastern Powers, with the possible addition of Italy, contend for mastery in that strategically valuable region.

    England's bellicose intentions have been made clear, and France will have to look to its Atlantic sea port. Is England aiming for Brest, or for Belgium? If the latter, the Prime Minister has chosen a tactless approach that touches none too delicately upon La Republique's sense of sovereign security. At that, France's moves into the Low Counties and Iberia will be badly affected by this, unless a binding Undertanding with 'Perfidious Albion' can be secured.

    It is not unlikely, however, that any misunderstanding between France and England will redound to the advantage of Germany. The fall of 1901 promises interesting developments along the Atlantic seaboard.

    If there are likely contentions developing in the West and Eastern peripheries of the European theatre, the three Central Powers are showing a mature, pragmatic and practical approach to their difficult position. One infers from their opening moves that the Three have concluded that there is little to be gained from fighting among themselves, and too much to lose.

    As winter approaches, Anno Domini 1901 is like to become a very interesting year!
    (Sir Erasmus Blatt, June 30, 1901).


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