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Diplomacy Game: Final Results For the Fall 1906 Turn

Moves the Fall 1906 Turn.  Notice the epic Battle of Trieste, a 3 on 3 Bump leaving it still in Italian possession.  That may be a first for this game:

Results and Influence:

Note that there were two units that were dislodged and had to Retreat, both French.  The A in Hol was dislodged by the English A convoyed from Lon with support from Eng F Hel.   This A only had one retreat option, to Rhu  The French A in Spa was dislodged by the Italian A coming from Mar, supported by A Gas, and only had one retreat destination, to Por.   In the interests of time, I made those moves for the French player.

The summary of builds and losses is at the bottom of this post.  England emerges as the big winner this term, scoring three SCs and loads of Dutch cheese and German beer, and a few French POWs.  Turkey slowly grinds away and picks up 1 - with tough Italian opposition, and France starting to fold up like a cheap suit at an August wedding, England’s prospects for the endgame look superior to those of Turkley.   Italy holds her own, France must, sadly, remove two units.

I am absolutely gutted to say that this turn marks the disappearance of Germany and the removal of the Germany player, who was an absolute trooper.  Once we get to the Now It Can Be Told phase, I look forward to describing some of the ways that the Germany player kept this lively for me and the other players.   Well done, sir, you gave it your best.


Results for Fall, 1906 (Movement)
General Notices:
Order resolution completed on 02-Dec-2014 at 13:20:38 EST

Order Results:

England: A ber -mun;  F eng - bel Bounced with hol (1 against 1).

F hel Supports A lon - hol; A kie Supports A ber - mun;  A lvn Holds;

A lon -hol  Convoy path taken: lon-nth-hol. 

A mos Holds;  F nth Convoys A lon - hol; F pru - ber


France: F bel - pic; A hol - bel Bounced with eng (1 against 1). Dislodged from lon (2 against 1). 

A par Supports A pic - bre; A pic - bre

A spa - gas Bounced with gas (1 against 1). Dislodged from mar (2 against 1). 

 F tys - lyo


No order for unit at Silesia. Hold order assigned. A sil Holds


 A bud Supports A tyr -tri; A gas Supports A mar - spa; A mar - spa;

A rom Holds;  F tun -tys; A tyr - tri Bounced with alb (3 against 3). 

F ven Supports A tyr - tri


F adr Supports A alb - tri; A alb - tri Bounced with tyr (3 against 3). 

F bla Convoys A con - rum; A bul Supports A con - rum;

A con - rum Convoy path taken: con-bla-rum. 

F ion -  tun; A nap - rom Bounced with rom (1 against 1).

A ser Supports A alb -  tri;  F sev Supports A con - rum;  A war Holds


Results for Fall, 1906 (Retreat)

Retreats:  France: A hol - ruh; A spa -por

General Notices:
Order resolution completed on 02-Dec-2014 at 13:36:40 EST

Order Results:

England: Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 3.

France:Supply centers were lost. Units that must be removed: 2.

Germany: Supply centers were lost. Units that must be removed: 1.


Turkey: Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 1.




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  2. (In whispered tones) "I'll all be over when Zoomie, King of Mars invades."

  3. 'There can be only one'

    Commentary by General (rtd) Sir Erasmus Blatt, for the Rioters News Agency.

    There are times at which it is more interesting and mind engaging to be proved wrong, rather than right. It appears that my prognoses mid-year 1906 were not altogether accurate, at so far as England was concerned. I was expecting two builds, possibly three, with luck, for Great Britain, but that included the quiet annexation of Warsaw unto its ever-expanding sphere. Who knew that Munich would fall to John Bull instead of John Francois? Who could guess that Holland and Berlin both would fall into the capacious maw of British interest? Any these seemed possible six months back, but all three? The one capture I though for certain would take place... didn't.

    It appears I would equally mistaken in respect of a, Anglo-Turkish rift. It seems after all, Moscow was a trade. Turkey got an extra build to tide her over for the 1906 year, with Warsaw to be traded back for Moscow. Neatly done.

    For all Turkey's failure to make progress in the Balkans (not unexpected), she at least gained Tunis. Now, why did Italy voluntarily abandon that far-flung enclave? That she was better placed to consolidate her strategic position seems a likely motive, particularly as Italy could not fail to wrest Madrid from the Republic's grip. The Peninsular kingdom is at least no worse off materially, and perhaps better off strategically. Whether, however, this will be sufficient without a deal with England seems doubtful.

    The loss of Holland and Spain both is a mortal blow to the Republic. It is doubtful whether France can recover Spain and retain Belgium both - possibly not possible given the reduction of her resources in the face of two implacable foes. During the winter months, France will have to decide from a narrow range of unattractive courses: a considerable demand upon her management of foreign affairs.

    England must be in the box seat now, though Turkey might yet pull off a surprise.

    December 31 1906


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