Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Baking And Brushing

Today was a good day.   Most importantly, Madame Padre checked in with her endocrinologist and was told that for a Type 1 Diabetic of her, well, vintage (I’m a gentleman so I won’t say more than that), she is in terrific shape.   God is good indeed.

Some brushwork got done on those commandos today and I am on track to posting them on the Painting Challenge site tomorrow.  Many fiddly decals were applied today as well, and my eyes are a little crossed.  In between brushing and a little work on the thesis, I celebrated the baptism of Ludwig Van Beethoven (yesterday was his birthday, I was a day late, but his baptism still seems worth celebrating) with some loud classical music while I indulged a family tradition (an embryonic tradition - I think if I bake this one more time next Christmas it’s officially a tradition) and baked a batch of stollen.

For those of you wondering what Stollen is, check out this recipe thanks to his Excellency the Grand Duke of Stollen.  I made a test batch on Friday and it was mostly ok, though a little burnt, and so I turned down the heat a bit.

Here are some mouthwatering pictures to inspire you.

Working in the candied fruit and almonds while kneading the dough.   The candied fruit has a cup of rum in it! ! was sorely tempted to stop here and scoff it all, but it was well before noon, and that would have been unseemly.

The risen dough, full of fruit and rum and goodness, including four eggs, a cup of milk, a cup of sugar, and one and one half cups of butter.   Mmmmmm.

The dough was sufficient for six reasonably sized loaves.

Baked two at a time in our small oven over the course of the day, making the house smell quite delicious.


Madame Padre, being the disciplined diabetic that she is, allowed herself the smallest of pieces and pronounced it quite excellent.  

Several loaves are bespoke gifts, but there is lots in the fridge.   Feel feel to drop by for some, served with strong coffee or something more medicinal, as you wish.  My hat is off to the Grand Duke of Stollen, a most excellent recipe.



  1. Ausgezeichnet! Wunderbar! Gute Essen!

  2. Michael, your talents are seemingly without bound!

    Looks great!

    1. Oh, they are definitely finite, those talents. Ask any of my regular wargaming opponents!

  3. Looks tasty. Wonder if there's a gluten free version?

  4. Looks great. We used to get one every year from relatives in Germany. Sadly, those days are gone.

  5. Living in the motherland of all Stollen I can surely attest yours looks delicious. If all the stuff sold here as genuine Stollen would be made with only half as much enthusiasm and love like yours I'd definitely be of even more rotund form as I'm anyway already.
    Looking forward to your Challenge contribution tomorrow as well.

  6. M'mmm... A yummy looking morsel indeed. Karen does the baking in this household - I do the occasional bacon and egg pie - the venison pie we had a couple of nights back. My growing tradition is in January stripping the plum tree (small, but very sweet plums - not bad for a self seeded tree!) and making plum sauce (a great condiment for almost any meat dish) and plum jam.

    Looking at those loaves I'm wondering if a doorstop slice with a scrape of butter (or similar) and my plum jam would be too much of an indulgence? Probably.

    Merry Christmas, Michael, to you and yours,

  7. Great news re your wife and super looking stollen too.

  8. Thanks you all. I just polished off a piece with my breakfast after coming home from the gym. Very delicious. I could was this all year round!

  9. That looks excellent sir! It makes me smile because reminds me of one of my old man's overused jokes (8 years tomorrow since he made that permanent relocation to Somewhere Better).

    Is that cake Stollen?
    No I paid for it.


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