Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Terrain Tuesday: Terrain of Varying Dimensions

 As in two versus three dimensions.  

Currently set up in my cat-proof gaming room (well, unless I forget to close the door or accidentally lock one of the beasts inside at nighttime - that ended the Franco-Prussian war in a hurry!) is this monster, showing that you can have a LOT of terrain if you aren't too fussy about modelling it.  Recognize it?

Yes?  Good for you!   No?   OK, here's a hint.

I'll have more to say about this game in this week's Thursday Napoleonics feature.

How about somc conventional 3D terrain?  In the meantime, was up early this morning starting to work on these field fortifications from Paul's models, which I'm quite impressed with.   Painting plan is simple.  Black undercoat, Brown Umber (Folkart craft paint, cheap and cheerful) on the outer parts and then a bit of Yellow Ochre drybrushing and flocking the lower parts as it is mostly freshly dug and constructed.  Tan brown on the inside for the lumber, some Army Painter light tone washes, and then a bit of gray drybrushing.   Hoping to have this done soon so I can start Phase Two of  my ACW Seven Pines battle.

Blessings to your table dressings!  MP+

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  1. That map is too large.... goodness. A game on that will take ages!

    Nice to see those fortifications getting paint. So far, so good sir.


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