Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Terrain Tuesday: Making Terrain Tiles with Timecast 6mm Buildings


Hello friends and I hope this finds you well.

Recently finished these 6mm European buildings from Timecast and starting to mount them for my 6mm Napoleonic gaming.    For some reason which I can no longer recall, I chose to mount my buildings on 10cm square MDF bases, with the idea of integrating them into whatever road network the table required.  There are two completed tiles in this photo, metal buildings of unknown manufacture that I acquired at a Bring and Buy some years ago.

Sadly, my new Timecast buildings are a little chunky, and don't gracefully sit on the same base, which I wanted to be a four way road.

My solution was to climb my lead mountain and locate these two unpainted buildings from the same Bring and Buy.  A quick paint job and they should complement the Timecast model nicely and suggest a small town or village.

The other Timecast model will look fine on a second, T-intersection base.

I've also received some more trees from Timecast so I can pretty these bases up a bit.  So nothing very exciting for this Terrain Tuesday post, but the work in progress is promising.   We'll see if I can finish it off by next week.

Blessings to your worldbuilding!



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  2. Nice work on your napoleonic German town building, I'm doing the same for 28mm at the moment, I like the mix of building sizes!
    Best Iain

  3. These terrain squares and buildings look great and very flexible to deploy on the games table.

  4. These will match up nicely when based.

  5. These are coming along very well Mike. I be like the basing, at this scale it’s a great idea


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