Saturday, March 4, 2017

Landscaping the Elven Realm 2

Here are the terrain stands I was embarking on last month.  I am pleased at how they turned out, and have learned a healthy respect for hot glue guns in the process.

Elves shooting from the foliage.   They look at home, I think.

I think that mixed with some proper tree models, they will make a very convincing representation of Fangorn or Mirkwood, or some other fantasy setting for Dragon Rampant.  May not work for the bocage of Normandy, however.   I have enough plastic foliage left to make another ten stands, when the spirit moves me to do so.  

Blessings to your gardens!


These figures bring my 2017 totals to:

15mm: Vehicles: 3, Foot Figures: 4, Scenic Pieces: 7

20mm: Foot figures: 18

28mm:  Foot Figures: 36;  Mounted Figures: 2; Terrain Pieces: 10


  1. Looking good, Padre. It's the little splashes of colour that help sell it.

    1. Thanks Barks, I agree. It's tempting just to paint figures, but I find it's refreshing to put a little time into these side projects while imagining all the pieces going together on the gaming table.

  2. Great looking foliage!
    Best Iain

  3. I'm thinking that there should be a stand in which a bunch of succulents surround a more dubious plant. One that has acquired a taste for protein....

  4. The plants have worked out really well and will grace your (or any) wargames table. I particularly like the picture of the elf amongst them.

  5. Well I think you have to be pleased with these, wonderful results Michael.

  6. Really cool Michael! I love them.

  7. I think these are excellent. I like the splashes of color mixed in with all the green. The variety of vegetation adds some realism too.

  8. Perfect! And should you ever invest in an exotic reptile, they can double up for in-terrarium decor!

  9. Exclellent stuff, Padre, very Elvish!

  10. Very, very nice. You're right - terrain making is a very different challenge, but one which makes a nice change once in a while.


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