Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diplomacy Game: Fall 1903 Turn Results

After several weeks off for several participants to take some holidays, we’ve moved the game forward.  I look forward to the General’s analysis of the game, but the brief result is that it was a bad turn for Russia, good for everyone else.

Current score:  England, Turkeyand France are tied at 7 SCs each, Italy has 6, and Russia and Germany both have 3.   One player (Austria) eliminated. I was a little surprised to see that Vienna still shows as Austrian, but then remembered that Italy captured it in the Spring 1903 turn but did not keep its army there for the Fall turn to secure possession.   I am sure Italy can remedy that in the 1904 turn.

We are now in the Adjustments Phase, and it will be interesting to see where the new units will go.   Scroll down to the bottom to see the Adjustment results.



Results for Fall, 1903 (Movement)

General Notices:
All dislodged units destroyed; advancing to next phase.Order
resolution completed on 28-Oct-2014 at 06:04:32 EDT

Order Results:


A den Supports F ska -swe

F hel -kie Bounced with ber (1 against 1). 

F nth Holds

A nwy -stp

 F ska - swe


 A bel Supports F hol

A bur Holds

 F lyo Holds

 F hol Supports A bel

A pic Holds

A spa Holds


Germany: A ber - kie  Bounced with hel (1 against 1). 

Germany: A boh - mun Bounced with tyr (1 against 1). 

Germany: A sil - ber Failed because Germany: A ber - kie failed. 


No order for unit at Piedmont. Hold order assigned. A pie Holds

 A tri Supports A vie - bud

A tyr -mun Bounced with boh (1 against 1). 

F tys Holds

Italy: A vie -bud


The Army in Budapest cannot retreat; unit destroyed.

The Fleet in Sevastopol cannot retreat; unit destroyed.

No order for unit at Baltic Sea. Hold order assigned. F bal Holds

A bud Supports A ukr -rum Support cut by Move from Vienna. Dislodged from vie (2 against 1). 

A gal Supports A ukr - rum

A mos - lvn

F sev -bla Bounced with bla (1 against 1). Dislodged from arm (2 against 1). 

Russia: A ukr -rum

Russia: A war Holds


The Army in Rumania cannot retreat; unit destroyed.

A arm - sev

F bla Supports A arm - sev

F con - bul/ec

F gre Holds

A rum Supports A arm -sev  Support cut by Move from Ukraine. Dislodged from ukr  (2 against 1). 

A ser - bud Bounced with bud (1 against 1). 

Supply Center Ownership:

England: Denmark, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Norway, St. Petersburg, Sweden (7 total).

France: Belgium, Brest, Holland, Marseilles, Paris, Portugal, Spain (7 total).

Germany: Berlin, Kiel, Munich (3 total).

Italy: Budapest, Naples, Rome, Trieste, Tunis, Venice (6 total).

Russia: Moscow, Rumania, Warsaw (3 total).

Turkey: Ankara, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Serbia, Sevastopol, Smyrna (7 total).



England: 7 supply centers, 5 units. 2 units may be built.

France: 7 supply centers, 6 units. 1 unit may be built.

Germany: 3 supply centers, 3 units. No units to build or remove.

Italy: 6 supply centers, 5 units. 1 unit may be built.

Russia: 3 supply centers, 5 units. 2 units must be removed.

Turkey: 7 supply centers, 5 units. 2 units may be built.





  1. This is proving a very exciting game to watch - well done all involved I say!

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  3. A Long-Needed Geopolitical Restructuring of Europe... Or A Falling Out Of Thieves?

    A commentary by General Sir Erasmus Blatt, geo-political and military correspondent for the Rioters News Agency.

    Now that the Emperor has no Empire, to whom went the spoils? Italy. For, as I surmised, already there has been a dramatic readjustment of alliances and power blocs. From membership of a victorious alliance that led to the dismembership of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Czar finds his erstwhile friends have turned upon his realms like a pack of ravening wolves. Within the year he has lost more than half his domains.

    It would require no credulous mind to suppose that Turkey and Italy have cemented a friendship, however transient or otherwise, that permitted the Kingdom to occupy the whole of the vanished Empire, giving the Sultan a free hand along the northern Black Sea littoral. Centuries ago, the Black Sea was a Turkish lake: it is about to become to once again. The Sultan - or his advisors - are showing an uncommon degree of skill in the fields of international dealings. If what we are looking at in Eastern Europe is what we think we are looking at, we have to admire the deal-making capacity of the Porte.

    So in concert with the Turkish advances in the south have been those by the English along the Arctic Ocean coasts, that it seems clear that the Porte and Brittannia must have cemented a deal. If it is a long term one, do not be surprised if the final Act upon this World Stage involves a showdown between these two, winner take all.

    Of course that eventuality is far in the future, and dependent upon many things. Somewhat unexpectedly, Italy is doing very well, having conquered and occupied the Lost Empire. That she has placed an Army of Observation in Piedmont is of course a wise precaution to keep France honest. Perfidious Albion has nothing upon the Duplicitous Republic! Yet the Anglo-Gallican Detente must still be holding strongly, for the francophone half of the pair has behaved with quiet constraint compared with the rampaging English.

    It seemed to this writer likely that by now the Kaiser would be going the way of the Emperor, but readers will recall that last time I did touch upon the possibility of Germany's continued survival as a client of stronger powers. Even then, methought that even so humble an existence would have required a most piteously persuasive petition to the President and the Prime Minister. Having achieved so much - though how lasting this will be seems moot - I was expecting the German armies to strike east or north - the forefront of battle. It seems they have done neither, but were required to remain 'in situ'. But France has obviously agreed for the nonce to leave the Rhinelands inviolate.

    'Remember Russia'. It is likely that the Kaiser will still have a nation when the stateless Czar of all the Russias is exiled to Siberia.


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