Friday, August 20, 2021

#Fantasy Friday: Reaper Centaur Archer




I haven’t had many fantasy figures in the painting queue of late, but I recently finished a one-ff, a Reaper miniature of a centaur which will go to reinforce my army of the Elven Woodland Realm.  This army has a large number of female figures (including a dryad) so this figure is highly suitable.   

I will be doing some F2F Dragon Rampant gaming this weekend, so may get the itch to paint a few more of the centaurs in my lead pile and perhaps build this into a small unit.

I used Citadel contrast Green for her bodice, and tried a few attempts to develop the shading on the horse part, perhaps only partially successfully.


An interesting figure to paint.

Blessings to your brushes!  



  1. Nice work on the Centaur - look forward to seeing an AAR of your upcoming game - your Elven army sounds interesting - I like to have some female figures in my armies if possible!

    1. Thanks! Just packed all my fantasy figures for some F2F gaming this weekend, there will be some AARs for sure.

  2. Excellent centaur and great addition to your forces. I ,strangely enough, have been painting some up in 15/18mm this week but flitted to something else just after. Need to finish a project...

  3. Thanks Your Grace. What are you working on? Must visit the Duchy to find out.

  4. I think she looks very nice Mike. The shading on her horsey parts will look great when shes leading the army!

  5. Photos usually don't do shading any favours. I'll bet she looks great from the normal gaming distance of 3 feet.

  6. Great looking centaur, I've got dragon Rampant and am tempted to resurrect some fantasy figures for more than just Frostgrave!
    Best Iain


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