Friday, January 6, 2017

Meanwhile In Isengard - 5: Yet More Vendel Barbarians

Here are yet more scruffy, nasty, flea-bitten, root in-tootin, cattle steelin, mean feel in, smelly, yelly and generally unpleasant barbarians, the last of the Vendel Hillmen from my big order this year, and my second entry in this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

This group includes four more archers, including two of the feared Teddy Bear Guardsmen:

Eleven chaps with spears.  Included are some more high tech metal shields with the White Hand device supplied by Saruman’s quartermasters, though the Dunlendings, being conservative folk as are most barbarians, generally prefer their hide shields.

Stab for Saruman and a Free Dunland!

And finally a musician and six fellows that I equipped with choppy things.   After I upended a tray containing all the spears supplied by Vendel with the figures, I was inexplicably short six, and after multiple searches decided on raiding the sprues in my bits box to find some orc swords and a Gripping Beast axe.  It give the force a pleasing variety, I think, as I had already finished twelve spearmen from the original test group back in the fall.

Vendel figures are clunky and don’t have a lot of fine detail, but they paint quickly and with a little wash and dry brushing, I think they look fine en masse.   As I was saying on the AHPC site, I worked hard to give them some variety in terms of hair colour and the colour of the skins and furs they are wearing, rotating through a palette of five different base colours.  I think it worked fairly well.  I currently have some of these figures on my gaming table for a solo game of Dragon Rampant, where they are scampering through woods and kicking elven arse as Bellicose Foot.   I think Saruman will be very pleased with the money he spent to influence the election of the new President of Dunland, as it will pay dividends.

I am currently working on two personality figures from Heresy Miniatures who will be the leaders of this motley crew, and when they are done I’ll take some shots of the whole Dunland force.  Let Rohan tremble!

Blessings to your brushes!
These figures bring my 2017 totals to:
28mm:  Foot Figures: 22


  1. They're a wild looking bunch! Love the shield design - suits them well.

  2. Will they make Dunland great again?

  3. Things looking ever wilder and in their genes too l venture. I think they might sing"There's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going..."

  4. As said in the Challenge blog, very nice unit and lovely hand painted shields.

  5. "He's taking Dunlendings to Isengard!"

    Lovely work Padre :)

  6. Fine additions to your army Michael!

  7. Very nice in deed Michael, I look forward to seeing them grace the table soon.

  8. Nice scruffy blighters! I was always under the impression that they were darker and had been ethnicly cleansed by the blond rohan types ,thinking about it that was how they were portrayed in the old SPI game of Lord of the rings I used to have, but useful chaps with lots of potential applications.
    Best Iain

  9. Nice work old sport!
    Can't wait to face these blighters myself.

  10. Excellent brushwork, Michael! You are starting 2017 out with a BANG on the painting table. Good job!

  11. More of these fantastic hairy buggers - those defenders of the Rohan Marches are in for it!

    Liking this hobby output mate. Will we get to read a report on this solo game?


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