Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Paint Table

The American Civil War Union troops shown here last week are finished and based.   I’ll get to them in a later post.   Taking their place are these five minis.  The stout chap on the bottle top is a Bob Murch Pulp Figures mini, and the other four are GW Gondorians from their LOTR range that I’ve had for a long time:  2 copies of their Beregond figure and a Gondorian foot command pack.   The Bob Murch mini and one of the Beregonds are going out the door as prizes to a contest from back in April.   The Murch figure is going to Joakim Strom, aka the Miniatures Man, and one of the Beregonds goes to Baconfat.  I figured since I am painting Beregond, I might as well do a few more Gondorians while I’m at it.


Watch this space tomorrow for results from the Fall 1901 Diplomacy game running on this blog.   Very exciting!

Blessings to your brushes!


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