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Diplomacy Game: Spring 1902 Results

Here are the results of the Spring 1902 turn.   Big bump in Tyrolia - Italian and German armies go head to head in the best WW1 style.    Austrian Army in Galicia is dislodged from Warsaw.  Austrian player, your retreat options are Ukraine, Silesia and Vienna.  Please advice by this Tuesday night.   Orders for F1902 turn due by this Saturday, October 5th at the latest.  Cheers,  MP



General Notices:

Order resolution completed on 28-Sep-2014 at 16:45:32 EDT

Order Results:

Austria:    Austria: A bud Holds    Austria: A gal Holds

Aus A Gal Dislodged from war (2 against 1).   Valid retreats:  ukr, sil, vie.

Austria: F gre Holds

England::  England: A edi - yor;  England: F lon - nth;   England: F nth - hel    England: F nwy ska

France:  France: F bel - ho; lFrance: A gas -spa;  France: A mar -bur; France: A par -pic

Germany:    Germany: A boh Supports A mun - tyr;   Germany: F den - kie;  Germany: A mun - tyr

Bounced with ven (2 against 1).

Germany: A ruh - mun

Failed because Germany: A mun - tyr failed. 

Italy: Italy: A rom - ven

Failed because Italy: A ven - tyr failed. 

Italy: A tri Supports A ven - tyr   Italy: F tys - ion  Italy: A ven - tyr

Bounced with mun (2 against 1). 

Russia:  Russia: F bla -sev;  Russia: A mos -war;  Russia: A rum Supports A war -gal;  Russia: A stp - lvn;  Russia: F swe Holds; Russia: A war - gal

Turkey: Turkey: F arm -ank;  Turkey: A bul Holds; Turkey: F con Supports F arm -ank;  Turkey: A ser Supports A bul;  Turkey: F smy -aeg


Supply Center Ownership:

Austria: Budapest, Greece, Vienna (3 total).England:
Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Norway (4 total).France:
Belgium, Brest, Marseilles, Paris (4 total).Germany: Berlin,
Denmark, Kiel, Munich (4 total).Italy: Naples, Rome, Trieste,
Venice (4 total).Russia: Moscow, Rumania, Sevastopol, St.
Petersburg, Sweden, Warsaw (6 total).Turkey: Ankara,
Bulgaria, Constantinople, Serbia, Smyrna (5 total).

Dislodged Units:

Austria: Army Galicia.




  1. Just a clarification: Italy's and Germany's attempt to seize Tyrolia failed owing to a 2-2 standoff (Germany: A Mun-Tyr sup by A Boh; Italy: A Ven-Tyr sup by A Tri).

    Some very peculiar decisions here, especially by Germany. I the Kaiser still has a country past the fall of 1903 I shall be very surprised. Austria-Hungary's situation looks just as gloomy. Well, those two countries are very difficult to play, having more neighbours than anyone else...

    The situation in the Balkans is becoming obscure to the point of opacity. No doubt Sir Erasmus will have his views, but I'm finding the situation hard to read at the moment.

    1. You're quite right, Ion, Tyrolia was a 2-2 standoff. I am not sure why the JDip application I am using called it 2 against 1, that seems to be a bug. Otherwise it is a very useful tool. Agreed that Germany and Austria are difficult ones to play, and really demand dedicated diplomatists to do well with them (which is not a comment on this game, by the way).

  2. Compleat encirclement of the Central Powers?

    A commentary by General Sir Erasmus Blatt, geo-political and military correspondent for the Rioters News Agency.

    Having begun the present geo-political crisis at loggerheads, and, by appearances yet to settle their differences, the situation for the Kaiser and the Emperor is looking bleaker than it did in the New Year. That France managed to snaffle the Low Countries (Holland) from under Germany's nose beggars belief - and developments off Germany's shores look equally menacing. So problematic had Germany's survival become even at the end of 1901, it is hard to fathom the Kaiser's insistence on operations into the Tyrol in 1902.

    As it was Italy that stood off this attack - or was it the other way round? - one might suppose that Austria-Hungary settled its differences with Italy, but your correspondent has his doubts about this.

    It is equally plausible to infer a vast encirclement of the Central powers by France, England, Russia, Turkey and Italy - all five. The way things are looking now, the big winner is likely to be France. If the Third Republic keeps its tenure of the 'cockpit of Europe' (it begins to look more like the rat-killing pit) then by the end of the year she will have in the field or afloat seven units.

    Who else will have as many? Don't be surprised if a falling out of thieves comes about before the 'divvying up' of the spoils.

    Turkey will be very well placed to weather that storm, no doubt. The Emperor's Fleet in Greece is just about lost for good. Even if Houses of Savoy and Romanov were both to come to the assistance of the Hapsburg House, it is unlikely that Greece can be held, nor its sole fleet survive. Yet upon the fleet's remaining in being depends the survival of the Empire.

    Support from Italy and Russia is looking unlikely anyway. It is becoming difficult to see what deals the Emperor's ambassadors can strike, having little remaining in his gift. Perhaps if he goes cap-in-hand, accepting client status with one or other of the encircling powers, the Empire, however much reduced in status, strength and prestige, might yet retain a voice in European affairs.

    Germany is, as I suspected last time, in even worse case. Denmark is almost certainly lost, it is doubtful if the French can be got out of Holland, and in 1903, the Kaiser will be reduced to his home territories, and they under pressure from several directions. The likely spoils will go to France (Munich), Britain (Kiel) and Russia (Berlin). Very well, nothing is certain in the volatile embroglio that is European politics even in times of Peace. But if things continue as they have, look to the dismembering of the Hohenzollern States by the end of 1903 or at least in 1904.

    Then we'll see what the victors of this German War will make of the sequel...

    1. Sir Erasmus' comments will be repeated in the Wednesday edition of the Daily Dissembler.

  3. Getting very interesting but unfathomable.


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