Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Finished: Italieri Country House With Porch

A few weeks back my Saturday Painting Desk post featured this model kit in progress.   Like the last Italieri kit I featured here, the stone bridge, this is also a beautifully produced model.   Other than the small shutters and window ledges, there are only a very few pieces to glue together.   The parts are made of thick, sturdy plastic and they fit well together.   Very solid and suitable for the gaming table.

When I was in Tuscany last month I noticed quite a few houses with doors and shutters painted green, so I followed suit.   Once the painting was finished I treated the whole thing to a coat of Army Painter Soft Tone out of the can, and was horrified at how glossy it all looked.   Fortunately a spray of Dull Cote got rid of the gloss and the final result is quite satisfying, especially the roof.



Somewhere in Italy, some Tommies out for a patrol wonder if there might be a store of wine in the cellar, or maybe some nice prosciutto.



The alarmingly bright green vines on the side of the house were found in a craft store (Michael’s).  




A detachable roof reveals a sturdy second floor, very easy to put figures in and take them out, like these Jerries who want that chianti and prosciutto all for themselves.



These figures bring my 2014 totals to:

28mm Mounted: 13, 28mm Foot: 22, 28mm Artillery: 1

20mm Foot: 33, 20mm Artillery: 2, 20mm Vehicles: 2, 20mm Terrain Pieces: 2

15mm Foot: 26, 15mm Terrain Pieces: 3

6mm Foot:  120, 6mm Terrain Pieces: 2

Kilometres Run: 738




  1. I never imagined that this kit would look so nice. A Michael's has finally opened in NYC so now I can get shockingly green plants too! Though they are a little too shocking for my taste I think I will try a yellow ocher dry brush or strong tone something to make them less neon.

  2. Nice building that will do nicely for Spain and Portugal and possibly southern France and the Balkans as well; and for any period from as far back as Renaissance or Mediaeval times as well. A versatile piece of war games equipment, by the look!

  3. Very nice work on that building, Mike.
    Agree with Archdukke, can be used foir very different periods as well as war theaters

  4. Absolutely superb, what a great job.

  5. Top notch Mike. Those vines need grapes!

    Well done.

  6. Excellent work.

    How well do you think it would work for 28mm (mainly Perry Miniatures)?


    1. Hello Bedford:
      Thank you. That building should work well enough for 28s. The British Tommies shown above are Valiant, which are very large 20mm, almost closer to old 25s. Besides, model buildings are always too large for scale on the table anyway.

    2. Thanks Michael, I'm thinking of buying a fair bit of their kit as I'm doing a demo game of the Battle of Fornovo at some point.



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