Sunday, August 17, 2014

Diplomacy Game - We're Off!

We have our seven players and a few on the waiting list for seats and we’re under way.
For the benefit of spectators, here are the notes I sent to the players.

1) The official rules we will be using for this game will be the 4th edition rules published by Avalon Hill in 2000, because they seem the most generous in terms of examples and clarity for new players.
2) The game is Blind.  If you use social media to talk about the game and another player picks up on who you are, well, I can’t prevent that, but the game is formally blind.   I ask that you send all Diplomacy through me.  Eg, if you are Russia and you want to propose an alliance with Turkey, send me an email with the header Message to Turkey and I will forward it to the Turkish player as promptly as I can.  Unless I slip up, all group emails with have the players on the BCC string.

3) The game will be played in two week turns.   48 hours before the deadline, I will send out a reminded deadline to everyone to get their orders in by the deadline.

4) Players are responsible for learning the rules.  See my blog for some helpful links or use your google skills, there are lots of Dip sites online. Orders should be in something close to standard Diplomacy syntax, e.g., A Bur sup A Pic to Bel.  

5) Players who miss two turns in a row will be removed from the game.

6) I will post updates and comments on my blog after each completed move.   There will an award for the best diplomatic role play, in the form of a miniature painted by myself.   I will also award a painted miniature to the winner.

7)I downloaded a java-based mapper and move arbiter from - it looks like a useful way to test your orders and practice the game if you like.

So the first turn ends on Saturday, August 30th at midnight my time.  Good luck and have fun!
Blessings to your intrigues!  MP+


  1. Sounds like some fun to be had!

  2. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of diplomacy!

  3. Don't land on Boardwalk! Oops! Wrong cut-throat game! I hope all the players - and the referee - enjoy the game. I remember a few games of this classic.

  4. Sounds like a blast, good luck!

    I've never played this. I wonder if I could find some people playing this locally.

  5. Dammit, I meant to throw my hat into the ring! Too late now, maybe next time (if there is a next time, of course!)

    Have fun and may the best back-stabber win!

  6. I never played Diplomacy. I'm interested to see how the PBeM works out. The software to run the game is a nice plus.

  7. I played a few rounds of this back in the 90s. The rifts have almost healed... I shall watch with horrified fascination.

  8. Be on the alert for 6 war gaming related estate sales in the coming months.....


  9. Well done, Mike. Good luck, titled heads of Europe. I shall be watching with interest!

  10. Thanks all. I can report that the diplomatic pouches are flying hot and heavy already, and that the General Staffs of all countries are revising their war plans by the hour.

  11. Time to start exterminating carrier pigeons. :)

    Can't wait to follow this.

  12. We used to play that game to death! Lots of fun

  13. Excellent idea to run this Michael, it is such a great game.
    We'll enjoy hearing about the dirty dealings via you blog!


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