Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday Painting Table With Bonus Guest Appearance

Last night’s Saturday Painting Table was very exciting, as we had an Artist in Residence at the Mad Padre’s Painting Chapel.   Here is good friend, blogger, wargames entrepreneur and all-around spiffing chap, James Manto, who came over for an evening of burgers, beer, and swapping manly jests while painting.   He’s also looking happy because he unloaded some junk on me and took m\y hard-earned cash in return to finance his current samurai addiction.

Some of James’ samurai fellows being painted.  His finished work is quite impressive.


I spent the evening continuing with my insane Napoleonics basing project, as I try to get my recently acquired Austrian, French and Russian 6mm armies ready for the gaming table.   Here is a portion of the Austrian infantry and artillery, with a mixed bag of French and Austrian cavalry, in various stages of the basing process.  I have about forty stands finished, an at least three times that to go.  

I hope you are all having a pleasant weekend.  Blessings to your brushes and die rolls!   Michael


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend I don't envy your basing choir though.

  2. Very enjoyable to get together with a compadre for a painting session. An activity that I once indulged in regularly. Today, not so much.

    My brush and die could use a "good" blessing!

  3. Austrians!! AUSTRIANS!!!! Hoch Hapsburg!! I have to see them someday!

    1. At some point I will have enough based that I can bring them down to London for a a game day at the library and you can see the might of Hapsburg.

  4. Excellent work its good to have a companion whilst doing tedious stuff I need one when I was drybrushing my Ruins.

  5. Always good to have friends over for fun and games.

  6. Ah I'm envious- I've not enjoyed a good group painting session since I was a teen.



  7. Good friend make the chores go quickly

  8. Nice one Mike. Always god to bounce ideas and styles off your mates.

  9. over here in Japan the heat and humidity makes you wonder how the Samurai were able to march and fight in this climate! trying to paint in a room with no air conditioner is a bit rough!

  10. or fighting in Spain in wool coats!


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