Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Unit Finished: Confederate Cannoneers

Here are some new defenders of the Confederacy. They will immediately be sent to join the defence of Bluffsburg in my planned ACW campaign. This 28mm unit of two 12 pound Napoleons and crew are figures from Sash and Sabre.

These are the first S&S figures I've bought and painted. All in all, I like them. They have some character, some nice expressions and some lovely facial hair.

I like the fellow with the trailspike, mopping his brow with his handkerchief.

Tried to get some more detail in the faces, including eyes, but my camera was not up to the challenge. Ironically, we have a better camera that frustrates me every time I try to take macro photography with it, so these photos will have to suffice for now.


  1. Lovely work MP.



  2. Perhaps a paler shade of blue or brown for the eyes...

  3. Thanks Steve. I think I'll try that next time, or maybe a light gray.

  4. 28mm may be the Devil's scale, but those are some nice looking gunners.


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